Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace initiates inquiry into harassment issue

Public Statement by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace(CNDP)
“We have come to know through social media that Kumar Sundaram of CNDP has faced serious charges of harassment by a female friend who has participated in CNDP activities. Sundaram has now publicly acknowledged the veracity of the charges and apologised for his behaviour. However matters cannot rest at this and CNDP is undertaking the following measures:
1) A committee headed by well-known feminist Kalyani Menon-Sen will look into the matter and advise CNDP in regard to this matter and will help CNDP to formulate and put into practice a permanent process to properly deal with issues of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour, now and in the future.
2)  Till such time Kumar Sundaram stands suspended from CNDP.”
For and behalf of CNDP
Anil Chaudhury
Achin Vanaik
Lalita Ramdas
N.D. Jayprakash

    The steps taken are positive and appreciated. This instance should be a lesson and precautionary measures may be formulated to avoid recurrence of such shameful acts. Expressing solidarity with the woman and hoping for the best in her future career assignments and endeavour


    Inquiry into the issue of harassment of woman colleague is a positive and necessary step towards gender justice. The findings should be made public after thorough enquiry