• Noushad Pokkalath

    Incredible JNU rocks again ….. haahahha

  • Vikas Bhatt

    Whoever added subtitles are really frustrated losers who fail to realize the Leftists have lost the plot at JNU. The courts are ordering action and things will change for worse for Congress-left as aam aadmi is patriotic and does not support Afzalbhakts and bharat ki barbaadi. Self goal in arrogance.

  • kurmanath

    Excellent. heartily laughed.

  • Pradx

    Funny! Even a BJP supporter can have a laugh.
    But the joke is on the Congress-Left. All they have is anti-National slogans in JNU to corner Modi? Nothing in their ideology gives them any ammunition?
    After ten years of ‘do nothing’ Congress wants to ‘disrupt everything’. Indian public is not brain-washed proletariat or mindless jihadis. Ishrat Jahan’s unexpectedly tumbled out of Chidambarams closet. More shocks to come.
    Democrats and Nationalists will have the last laugh.

  • sanjay

    This is mental masturbation by the leftists, now that they miserably lost the national Vs. Anti-national debate.