Public Notice: IndiaResists condemns alleged sexual harassment

We have come to know, through social media, and India Resists whatsapp group that one of the members of India Resists team, has been alleged with serious charges of harassment by a female friend and colleague. Nothing can justify such intimidation and pressure.

This is highly unfortunate and unacceptable. We strongly condemn his alleged act and dissociate from him with immediate effect. India Resists team stands with the woman. We have always stood with progressive values. We are trying to reach her directly and provide all possible assistance.

India Resists suspends Kumar Sundaram till further notice.



    Also, it may be worthwhile to conduct classes from time to time so that the team members are consistent in their work and follow code of conduct set by the India resists management. If such instances of sexual harassments surface, the prestigious site may lose some reputation. The person responsible for such heinous act must be investigated and punished as per law and the woman who suffered harassment should be compensated.
    Along with IndiaResists, in solidarity with the woman …. Hopefully such incidents may not recur in future