100+protests actions across Delhi on 27 August: Say NO to Hatred! #NotInMyName

The protest galvanised by the #Notinmyname camapign has now spread to 26 cities and towns across India. The silence has been broken, and at least some Indian citizens are saying NO to hatred and violence in the name of religion and caste. However, the lynching and assault on Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis and other minorities have not stopped. Prime Minister Modi spoke up briefly but there has been no follow up action. Just in the last 3 days Delhi alone has seen two targeted attacks on Muslims.

All of us who stood up in the #Notinmyname campaign are even more certain that we will not remain silent. We will protect the constitution and the rights it promises to all Indians. The #Notinmyname campaign calls all citizens to stand together until certain basic minimum guarantees of peace and security are available to all citizens.

As a follow up we now propose to observe 27 August 2017 as a day to categorically Say No to Hatred! Although we hope that people all across the country will join in, the group in Delhi has decided to initiate a campaign of 100+ events, protests, and actions across the city. These will be spread out across residential areas, on the streets and important intersections, everywhere where people want to join in and say – Nafrat Ke Khilaf, Dilli Ki Avaaz – Say No to Hatred!.
Come join us. Be a part of the 100+ events, protests, and actions being planned in Delhi. If you want to organise an event in your neighbourhood or volunteer for the campaign, please write to us at – contactnotinmyname@gmail.com

This is a citizens campaign against hatred and violence. Everyone is welcome to join, but as before, without party and organisational banners and logos.

#Notinmyname #SayNoToHatred100 # #NafratKeKhilaf100 #NafratkekhilafDilliKiAvaaz100 #SayNoToHatred27Aug

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