22 Questions on Bhopal Encounter that the Police Must Answer and Media isn’t Asking

Vipul Kumar

22 QUESTIONS that raise serious doubts on Police and Govt’s version of the stories AND questions which mainstream media is not asking:
Q.1) Bhopal Central Prison is a High security prison. Is it possible for alleged ‘terrorists’ to run away from ISO certified prison?
Q.2) As per media reports, prison inmates were locked in ‘terror cell’ with special security. Since the alleged crime for which they were on trial has been considered as grave, and there has been history of escape attempts earlier by couple of these inmates, its obvious that there must have been more security for them. In such a scenario, how is it possible that just with spoon and plates they were able to break free from such a tight security.
Q.3) There are inconsistency in media report on whether all 8 inmates were in same cell or they were in different cell. Why has there been so many inconsistency? Was it so difficult for authorities to figure out whether they were in same cell or different cell?
Q.4) Benefit of doubt can be given for inconsistency in reporting. But if the earlier case of possibility of all of them within same cell is considered, who brought them in the same cell? And why were they brought in the same cell?
Q.5) If they were not in the same cell, as per later reports (after the editing of script by authorities), how did they break free from different cells?
Q6) The Home Minister of MP, in an interview on National Television, on being asked the above mentioned question said that, “firstly, inmates from one cell came out after killing the security guard, and using spoons as weapons and keys made from woods and spoons they unlocked other cells.” Now, many of us have seen Jai and Veeru using their fingers as gun to escape the prison, in popular bollywood film Sholay, and one can believe, that respected home minister might probably have seen Sholay. But to make people believe in his story, that spoons and wooden keys can be used to open lock of Central Prison, the minister needs to come up with a better script. Rewrite the script sir!!
Q.7) Even if it is believed that they killed one security guard with plates or spoon and held other security guard hostage. No security alarm was made. No other guards got to know about what was happening. And this was happening in the part of the Jail which was supposed to be highest security area. ISO is going to take back its ‘High Security Prison’ certification from this prison.
Q.8) In later reports, the new script said that they were in three cells. Now let us assume one cell was opened by overpowering security personnel. How were the other two cells were broken? If they were opened by keys, who gave them keys? And if the lock was broken, how didn’t it make any noise? Also, in Prison, the general practice is that security guard who is on duty doesn’t keep the keys with himself, its kept with the jailers. This is done basically because several jailbreaks have happened in history and hundreds of films, TV series, books, novels have also been written on this idea. Probably these stories inspire the script writer.
Q.8) In the script, bedsheets and blankets were used to cross 20-25 feet high prison wall. Script writer is creative. There is no possible way that clothes would hold to any part of the wall, unless there was someone magically (or in a planned manner) on the other side of the wall holding the clothes. Our media needs to ask some of these questions rather than parrot like blind unquestioning journalism!!
Q.9) There are series of electrified wire at the top of the walls, and the inmates crossed the wire, without getting electric shock. Two possibilities, either the alleged ‘terrorists’ have been trained to resist high voltage electric shock, or, the electric wiring was magically switched off. Isn’t proper investigation required about how switched off the electronic wiring?
Q.10) All this was happening in a High Security Central Prison. One Guard has been killed, one has been injured, Eight inmates manages Hercules task of crossing the impossible High Security electrified wall. No alarms, no one gets to know all of this. No Noise, not even by other inmates, security guards. Its one and half hours later that finally alarm raises. Wow!! Now I know why, India doesn’t get Oscar in-spite of such creative script writers. Rajnikant’s films should be banned in India.
Q.11) One of the lawyers of alleged criminal shared that his client was physically unfit, it was biologically impossible for him to cross the wall. How did he manage to cross it?
Q.12) Lawyers have also shared that some of the accused cases were done with the trial phase and acquittal was expected since there were no evidences against them. Why would someone risk their life by attempting to jail break after committing a crime of murder when they know that they are anyway going to get set-free?
Q.13) This High-Security Jail does have CCTV cameras. It works 24 hours, 365 days. Security personnel are suppose to continuously look into these cameras. Till now there hasn’t been release of any footage regarding the escape or alleged murder of security personnel. One should not get even one bit surprised if tomorrow, the script writers say that, on that particular day CCTV cameras were not working, this will be investigated and nothing will come out of the investigation ever.
The media focus is more on celebration that ‘terrorists have been killed’, very few media groups are asking difficult questions. Why is media hesitant to ask these questions? Isn’t asking these questions there job?
Q.14) Where did the weapons come from? There are two versions of the story. The Home minister has confirmed again and again that they only used plates and spoon as weapons, both inside and later after escaping from the prison. Why were they fired at when they just had spoon and plates. Even if they had knives and other weapons, they could be arrested. There was no need to kill each one of them, unless the intention was to permanently mute any voice which could reveal actual story of what happened.
Q.15) As per Police narrative they fired at the police and hence there were return fires from police. In different versions of the story, there has been claim that three to seven country made pistols were recovered from them. Can 3-7 country made guns be used adequately against the such large number of police force heavily equipped with arms. There is a Supreme Court ruling which makes encounter even if the accused possesses arms as unconstitutional. Why were the police so brutal in using force?
Q16) In one of the two videos released so far (Although, the video has not been authenticated by any reliable source) Police personnel can be heard saying that “five of them wants to talk to us and one of them is leaping”, why were all of them killed, when they were willing to surrender?
Q17) In another video, while dead bodies are shown, one of the person (probably from police is asked to take out weapon and he does as he is ordered. Its almost funny to believe this as true. It looks totally orchestrated. How did the police knew that there were arms in the clothes, unless they had them-self kept it there and if they would have shot them while being attacked by these arms, the arms would be lying either in hands or would fall near by and would not be neatly kept in his trousers.
Q.18) In the same video a police personnel, inhumanely shoots at an injured (an almost dead) body. How can one possibly justify this. The Script writers version was that they were attacked by the ‘terrorists’ and they were shot from long range. We can clearly seen an already half dead person being shot from a very close range. His life could have been saved. He could have been a very important witness for the police, to reveal how did this entire episode took place? Who were the insider’s helping them, what happened in the Jail? Then why was he killed? Why were all the eight accused killed. They could have been shot in their legs. Where would they run away with an injured leg in the barren place they were shot? Unless, there were clear instructions by script writers to finish the story and leave no other version of it!!
Q.19) Can the police version of the story believed in, that they possessed fire arms, which, is not what the eye witnesses have said in their media interviews? The eye witnesses have said they threw stones, had clothes and wooden stuff and that they were sloganeering. When asked about what were they sloganeering, the eye witness said that they were talking in their language? Now, this is incomprehensible. Even if it is believed that they were terrorists, what languages would they would talk in? Definitely, not Hebrew or Japanese! Any-ways, the point is even if the account of eye-witness is believed in, he doesn’t mentions them carrying guns or armed weapons? Isn’t this extra judicial killing? Should we believe in it just because our script writers have told media that they are Terrorists? Has terror charged been proved against anyone of these!!??
Q. 20) Even if Police’s version of the story is believed in, that they had guns, where did guns come from? There has been no story so far about guns being taken away from prison! So only possibility is that there were handlers who gave them guns, fancy clothes, Sports shoe, watches, etc that we see in this video. Now firstly who were these handlers? And if they could be given guns, why country made pistols, why not nice AK-47, AK-56,Hand grenades etc? After all these were dangerous terrorists? Is it a co-incidence that in almost every (fake) encounter case terrorists have only country made pistols and they are encountered in barren area where is very difficult to hide out?
Q.21.) If these ran away prisoners had arranged pistols, why didn’t they arrange for a vehicle too. They could have gone really far by the time police reached them. Even if they didn’t had vehicles, they could have easily got one vehicle using their guns? After-all they were all dreaded criminals with lots of crime experience?
Q.22) There’s a third video, which came out recently, where police personnel can be heard talking, “one is still alive” and the other police personnel says “hit him in is chest and he would die”. Cold blooded murder captured in a video!
The question is again that this person could be kept alive not just for the humanity sake or for the sake of keeping our faith in the criminal justice system but for the sake of knowing what actually happened in this mysterious episode?
This is just the beginning. Many more questions will come up and media will try avoiding and diluting these questions!!

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