5th Anniversary of the Batla House “Encounter”: Statement by Jamia Students Solidarity Forum

Jamia Students Solidarity Forum, on the fifth anniversary of Batla House “Encounter”, stands firm and committed on its demand to instigate an impartial judicial probe into the 2008 , Batla house killings, allegedly an encounter, which took place in the L-18 Building of the locality.

Ever since this encounter came into light, several loop holes and loose ends have been sighted out in the police version of the theory, which raises severe doubts on its authenticity and subsequently subverts itself into the domain of severe criticism owing to various independent investigations into the case. There were clear violations of the NHRC guidelines, pertaining to all encounters and all the voices for a magisterial inquiry was sidelined as a part of governments’ electoral calculations, thus subverting the idea of Justice beneath its electoral ambitions. The NHRC itself took all measures, including giving clean chit to the special cell officers on the basis of statements of senior police officers, which is in violation of NHRC’s guidelines .

Batla house killing was not one it’s kind but is one the series of many other killings in different parts of the country , all of them allegedly encounters, be it case of Ishrat Jahan in Gujarat, or many others in Kashmir and North Eastern parts of the country . This chain of killings in the name of encounters speaks for the genre of politics it represents’, apart from the personal ambitions of those notorious police officers involved in such Extra judicial killings.

Today, when blatant violation of all guidelines pertaining to such encounters have become another common phenomenon and injustice is narrated by the popular voices as just, Jamia Students’ Solidarity Forum, resolves to strengthen its struggle against the emerging fascist trends in the country

JAMIA STUDENTS’ SOLIDARITY FORUM, on the fifth anniversary of Batla House Killing, Demands for a Judicial Inquiry in to the case and also bringing the perpetrators’ of the heinous crime to justice.

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