8 statements of Modi’s Culture Minister that shamed India

Kumar Sundaram

At the outset, let’s be clear that this is not something personal about Dr. Mahesh Sharma who adorns the Culture ministry in India. The organisation where the minister got his cultural education has always been a champion of such gems.

But now, the responsibility rests squarely with India’s Prime Minister who hand-picked his ministers. And when the media and bhakts have been myth-making around Modi with claims of the PM calling back one of his ministers from the airport for wearing casual dress, calling another minister of mobile for partying with shade businessmen and hand-picking even the secretaries of senior ministers like Rajnath Singh, the accountability for Dr. Mahesh Sharma’s venom does not end at his own doors. He has himself made it clear that he is Modi’s choice.

Here are some gems of wisdom from the cultural minister:

Mahesh Sharma Statement - 1Source: Indian Express.

So, while the meat from which Mohd. Akhlaq was sent for lab-test, the Culture Minister gave a quick medical certificate for his badly injured son and also a psychological certificate to the attackers after analysis of their intention by looking at Akhlaq’s wound.

Mahesh Shamra statement-8The minister wasted no time and declared the heinous lynching in Dadri, perpetrated by frenzied youth indoctrinated by Samadhan Sena, an accident. Speaking to a gathering of local BJP functionaries at the same temple where the call for punishing Mohd Akhlaq for supposedly eating beef was issued, the Union MoS for Culture also claimed that the youth arrested for their involvement in the case will also be provided justice at the earliest. Source: India Express.

Mahesh Sharma Statement - 2Another gem of wisdom from Modi’s gatekeeper of cultural affair in India. While Christianity flourished in India much before it spread in the Europe and the world’s second mosque was built in Kerala in the lifetime of the Prophet, this statement from the minister betrays the rabid Hindutva agenda that RSS adheres to. Source: DNA Newspaper

Mahesh Shamra statement-3Because normally, Muslim’s patriotism is under question. So believes this navratna of Narendra Modi.

Mahesh Shamra statement-4The luminaries of the RSS, whose swayam sevaks are not supposed to marry, are an expert what girls should do. Source: Indian Express.

Mahesh Shamra statement-5Taking a cue from Taliban, the culture minister has vowed to purge the western influence from India and restore the glory which solely RSS has the rights to define. Source: The Telegraph

So not just TV serials and places of worship, the Hindu scriptures have to be part of the official syllabus in India. It would be easier then to explain the plastic surgery of Ganesha to the students which Modi himself is so proud of.

Mahesh Shamra statement-7Another controversial statement from the minister came when the opposition MPs protested inside the parliament against the anti-farmer Land Acquisition Ordinance. The minister showed extreme contempt for the demand but Modi govt had to eventually cave in and even claim magnanimity for accepting pro-farmer suggestion.


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