A young Indian women’s open letter to PM Modi after Dadri

Heartbroken after Dadari incident, I send this open letter to our Prime Minister –

Hon. Prime Minister,

Kanika Mishra

Kanika Mishra
Kanika is a young and aware Indian citizen, a cartoonist by profession who won the prestigious CRNI award courage in cartooning last year. She can be reached through her facebook page and website.

“सारे जहां से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा! ” When Sartaj, son of deceased Akhlaaq spoke these words on a national channel, our eyes became moist and our heads hanged in shame. We stand with this unfortunate family where a father was killed by a mob of some 100 fanatics and where a son is still struggling for his life and we still don’t know if he will ever be able to live a normal life. One of your minister even tried to stress on this fact that family’s 17 years old daughter was not even touched by mob.I don’t know if he was expecting the family to thank the mob or he is just stressing on deep cultural values of the mob.

Dear Prime Minsiter, when you started your campaign before one and half years ago to win parliamentary election, you gave us this slogan ” सब का साथ, सब का विकास” “Together, we will grow!” You promised development for all and governance for all , without discrimination of cast, religion or race. The ambitious young India showed their confidence in your words and you got a thumping victory in election which no other leader has witnessed in last 30 years in Indian democracy.

But, just after few months, you took oath as our Prime Minster, your own leaders started attacking, targeting and damaging your slogan ” Development for all, Governance for all “. They abused people of a particular religion, started calling them ” Haraamzaade”. Some of them started talking about temples, some about churches and some about mosques. Some enthusiastically started suggesting what we should eat, what we should wear, how many children we should have and started debate on many other useless issues like these.

But, all limits were crossed on that unfortunate day, when a mob of 100 hooligans attacked Akhlaaq and his son at their home and took Akhlaaq’s life within 15 minutes by their bare hands, Akhlaaq’s son is still fighting for his life, and that is all because some of them in village had this doubt that Akhlaaq ate beef at his home. Ridiculously, the state government had sent the meat to lab to check if it was beef or some other meat. Sir, we as a country is shocked after this incident, the whole world is looking at this incident closely and you can understand what kind of impression our investors might be getting. The world is getting suspicious about our capability as a harmonious nation after this incident.

You are known as an energetic prime minister who never has lack of words on any occasion. You believe in connecting with nation directly on Facebook, Twitter and through radio program ” Man Ki Baat”. So now, what is stopping you to speak on such a gruesome incident which shook the whole nation and the world. It makes us worried, we are worried because it is possible that your silence might be translated as an approval by these hooligans and then , I am afraid to say , but encouraged by your silence, they will start entering in our kitchen, asking what are we cooking for dinner, suggesting what kind of clothes we should wear. Dear PM, these are the kind of forces of society who say that if a girl wears a mini-skirt, she deserves to be raped.

Mr. Prime Minister, it is we, citizens of India, who have elected you as our Prime Minister , not RSS or not any other religious organization. We elected you as our PM because you promised development for ALL. We elected you because your promised governance for ALL.

Then why are you silent today when the whole country is looking at you? If you speak for us, you will realize that the whole country is standing with you irrespective of their political ideologies, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

We criticize you a lot but we also appreciate your progressive efforts to create an awareness about information and communication in this digital era with the help of Google, Facebook and Twitter. But , we are disappointed that this kind of atmosphere in the country will derail all of your efforts. Progress has no meaning without freedom , in fact progress is not at all possible without freedom. If we will keep thinking about what to eat, what not to eat, what to wear, what not to wear, what watch and what not to watch, when to come back at home, how many children we should produce and other stupid things like that which many leaders keep telling us, when will we think about competing with the modern world around us. And incidents like ‪#‎Dadri‬ is a big blow on your efforts which might make us lose confidence in our system forever.

Your name has already become a part of history as a Prime Minister of our great country but today, if you will rise beyond one certain kind of political ideology and some rotten institutions who want to take India back to ‪#‎stoneage‬ era, the youth of this country will remember you as Prime Minister who stood for them, who stood for a modern and vibrant India without caring about political calculations and balancing acts of different groups. And, you will find us standing with you, very strongly.

I saw it on TV when you praised Mark Zuckerberg’s mother and told her that she should be proud for giving this world a son like Mark, then why Mr. Prime Minister, you are silent on the death of Akhlaq who gave a son to our Indian Air Force.

Your silence is killing us….

Now, I will close this letter with words which Akhlaaq’s son said to the nation, even after facing so much tragedy.

“सारे जहां से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा! ”

an Indian

– Kanika





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