ABVP attacks Prof. Saibaba in college premises

Rohin Kumar

RLA College, University of Delhi

Like many other campuses on boil in the country, it was our turn. Approx twenty members of ABVP entered the college premises (mostly outsiders) and even the staff room where they tried to attack Prof. G.N. Saibaba, in process they had scuffle with other senior teachers too. They blocked the staff room and chanted slogans like -‘Desh ke gaddaron ko, Goli maro saloo ko’, ‘G.N. Sai teri kabr khudegi, DU ke maidano me’ followed by Vande Matram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. Classes were interrupted and few not taken.

As a student of political academics, I have no problem with their slogans. I incline towards the principles of John Stuart Mill which clearly states, let the speech be expressed even if it’s erroneous as that might contain element of truth in it and if not, then the opposing views to it would reinforce truth and prevent themselves to be frozen into inert cliches.

But, disappointingly this could not happen. About hundred of ordinary  students stood in solidarity for the college’s image not being tarnished by such events. They raised placards which wore- ‘Please let Peace prevail in our Campus’, ‘Go by procedure, Don’t misbehave with our teachers’ but the Parishad members slapped our colleague, snatched placards, pulled collars. Is Freedom of Speech and Expression only their right? Can that be  acceptable in an academic institution? This raises serious doubts in my mind that Parishad members have double standards on the issue of Freedom of Speech and Expression. They cannot let the erroneous slogans within JNU go lightly but the ordinary students of Ram Lal Anand took this chance to show them their ground.

ABVP doesn’t want Saibaba enter the campus as he hasn’t been given  clean chit from court but it’s noteworthy, Saibaba is out on bail. Whether he should be reinstated or not is a matter solely to be dealt by college authority, University or the prevailing law of the land. There can be multiple views on the ongoing state of affairs but, what students wish is peace in the campus and it becomes responsibility of each student and teacher to ensure this.

We all are free to have different opinion on the ongoing state of affairs but we cannot turn campus into battlefield. We cannot let the mob justice happen. We demand  ABVP to follow the proper procedure into the matter and stop hooliganism in the campus immediately. We wish teachers condemn such acts in strongest possible words because today it’s Prof. G.N. Saibaba tomorrow it might be some other.

It was also shocking to see that Parishad protestors touched feet of Policemen but abused teachers, chanted Bharat Mata ki Jai but abused ordinary students which were again derogatory and directed on mother-sister. That’s the irony and an awkward binary occurring in the campuses.

Ram Lal Anand College has earned high credentials in the field of academics as well as sports and we do not want college to make news for unwarranted reasons and negative publicity.

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