Ms. Smriti Irani, We Were Dragged at the India Gate for Lighting Candles for #RohithVemula

Aditi Priya

“Sir, 5 mins rukne dijiye, bas 5 mins… Hum Rohith ko shradhanjali dene aaye hai, ye Rohith ki maa hai please sir ek candle jalne tak rukne dijiye, fir hum sab khud aapke pas aaenge.”

We, along with Rohith’s mother were requesting the police officers to let us pay tribute to Rohith, let us light one candle for at least 5mins. But 5 buses full of police, hundreds of police with ‘laathi’ and a water cannon was all that we got! about 4 buses full of students were detained. The police dragged many students while they were trying to protect a candle that was lighten by and was in Rohith’s mother’s hand.

I don’t understand this, why do they need so many forces and a water cannon against a peaceful candle march at the India Gate! I am not blaming police wala for this, I am asking questions from this system, from this government. Why? What are you so afraid of? Is it because we know how to speak against injustices? Is it because we don’t want to fit in your vague, narrow and unconstitutional definition of “Nationalism”?

We too are a part of this country, we know what rights our constitution gives us and we respect that. But this, whatever is happening with the students is not acceptable. We are the students and we know when, what and how to question, and we will question! Please stop this… listen to us, we are not demanding anything more than our fundamental rights, we are demanding Justice!




Aditi Priya is a student in Delhi University




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