Anti-Emergency Day: join AIPF protest in Delhi

All India People’s Forum

Labour Rights, Land Rights Campaign

Marking the Anniversary of the Emergency and Protesting Today’s Undeclared Emergency


Bol ki Lab Azad Hai Tere – Speak Out For Your Lips Are Free

An Evening of Protest

Public Meeting and Cultural Programme

26 June, 4 pm, Jantar Mantar

Atul Sood
Shamsul Islam
Vishnu Nagar
Asad Zaidi
Manglesh Dabral
Kiran Shaheen
Ragini Performance by Satbir Shramik
Nishant Natya Manch
And others
Short Films

Pro-Corporate, Boastful, Authoritarian Government of the Rich


A year ago, a Government was elected at the Centre, promising good days. A year later, what have people got?

  • Anti-worker labour law changes, crackdown on workers’ rights- without consulting workers!
  • Anti-farmer changes in Land Acquisition law, allowing grab of land without farmers’ consent!
  • Women’s rights to dress, live freely, marry who they please under attack from groups backed by the Government
  • Bans on right to eat food of one’s choice
  • Minorities and Dalits are facing increased violent attacks, with communal and casteist forces enjoying Government protection
  • Appointment of sub-standard persons as heads of institutions, with Sangh connections or pro-Modi sycophancy as sole qualification.
  • Ban culture – crackdown on activists and citizens critical of the Govt
  • Open encouragement of groups involved in killing of rationalist activists like Dabholkar and Pansare.
  • Instead of tackling issues in the North East and Kashmir political initiatives and scrapping AFSPA, we have a controversial action in Myanmar, promoting jingoism and tension with neighbours.

In 1975, the Congress Government imposed Emergency on the country, crushing voices of dissent and democratic rights.

40 years later, in 2015, it seems again as though the Modi Government has imposed an undeclared Emergency.

On 26 June, to mark the anniversary of the Emergency and to protest the undeclared Emergency today, please join an evening of protest with speeches, poetry and cultural programme at Jantar Mantar 4 pm onwards.

All India People’s Forum (AIPF)

Anti-Emergency Day

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