Appeal to join Dharna from Rama Naga, JNUSU Gen Sec on 13th day of Hunger Strike.

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you in a bad condition. Today, 10th of May, is the day the highest decision making body regarding Academic matters will meet at SSS-1 at 1 p.m. However, around 21 students are having their academic life at stake, because they’ve been massively punished, just to please the Modi government, which is waging a proxy war against us through this witch-hunt. I call this a witch-hunt because two dozen Left activists have been punished with absurd amounts of punishment. A token right-wing activist has been punished for half the amount, just as a pretense of neutrality.

Against these punishments, and to roll back the undemocratically introduced changes in JNU prospectus, 19 of us joined the hunger strike, 13 days back. Today, 8 of us remain on hunger strike, on the 13th day: myself, Shweta, Chintu, Anant, Anand, Birendra, Saborni and Fayaz. 3 others have also joined- Arun, Anubhuti and Anirban. The others had to be hospitalised. We are mentally strong, but our bodies are becoming weaker and weaker.

For 13 days and nights, we have been at JNU Ad Block, but the VC uses a backdoor for entry and exit, so that he doesn’t have to face us. Today, 10th May, is our chance to defeat and expose him. We will demand revocation of all punishments, and also press for revocation of undemocratically introduced changes in JNU Prospectus, to the detriment of JNU’s inclusive character.

On behalf of all the students on hunger strike, and JNUSU, I appeal to you all to rise up in rage and gather in massive numbers at SSS-1 building at 1 p.m. sharp, come what may. Not a minute late. We want the VC to see what he’s done and what we are capable of. We want him to face students and listen to their demands. JNU teachers will be present outside the AC meeting in large numbers, and so will the students. Let’s fight today, so we have no regrets tomorrow.

Rama Naga,  Gen Sec, JNUSU

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