Arnab Goswami’s sting that wasn’t: Republic’s dirty design to defame Udayakumar exposed!

This video, by TuNo media, has completely exposed the dirty design of the Republic TV to tarnish the image of the Anti-Nuke Movement. It is rightly termed as “Yellow journalism” which is detrimental to democracy.

Read here Dr. Udayakumar’s complaint to the Press Council of India

It is yet another attempt by the powers that be, to paint an image that Anti-Nuclear movements and such other peoples’ movements, with deep concern for environment and people’s livelihood, are “foreign funded” and hence per se anti national!


Here is the transcript of Republic’s malicious ‘sting’ video on S P Udayakumar –

Shweta Sharma (Kothari):
1. Just about my professor in UK who wants to contribute, how should we go about it?

SP Udayakumar:
2. We don’t have bank account.

3. What that I can do is that you can pay the party and I can give you a receipt and then I can give you the Bank Account. (3:52-3)

3. Misquoted as:
3. What he can do is he can give it to the party and I can give you a receipt and then I can give you the Bank Account details. (3:57)

4. I can ask him to send a formal mail.

5. Yes. You send me your e mail address, we can not accept money from foreign countries…from abroad…

6. If you have it, you can ask your family or friends in India to …eh…. (04:12)
6. Misquoted as:
6. You can ask your family or friends to do so. (on his behalf)

SS: But this could be… he is vey pro anti nuclear activism, so this would be for second sort of movement that you are starting, he wants you know, he is a British National … he is very passionate then how should we go about it… …then how should we go about?

SPU: Yeah…. If you pay in cash no problem for you or father….. But if you want or if you wants to send through Banking I can send you the party Banking, BUT HE CAN NOT SEND IT. You have to give it to your family members within India but that could be complicated because if they come up with enquiry or something who is this person sending money from Dehra Dun or something that could be a problem. Otherwise he (that is, SS’S FATHER) could one time he wants to contribute he can pay in cash through next time or something…

SS: There’s no other way out.. yeah…

SPU: Otherwise I can give you the party account, but that has to be done within India. Then there is no problem.

SS: I will tell him that. Lets see what he has to do. So there is no way no…. my prof is a very passionate environmentalist, he wants to contribute….

SPU: Before you can send through western union, but now if I receive money through western union I’ll be scrutinised. It could create problems.

SS: So I can send through my family members yeah…

SPU: Or else, you can give to him (Sanjeevi), he lives in Chennai, he can go to Chennai office….

It is time, that all the anti-nuke activists and environmental and social groups and Democratic organisations, shedding their differences, will have to unite against these designs.

Let us take this as an opportunity to present it to the media and to the public, reiterating our larger concern for the people and the country and emphasising the need for pursuing a Human and Nature centric developmental paradigm for posterity.

Its time that we rededicate ourselves and stand with the people of Idinthakarai, the citadel of the anti-nuke movement, coordinated by Uday and his team.

The Church at Idinthakarai, which genuinely pulsated the concerns of the people is painted as an “alien interest” and thus communalising the issue.

Let us call for meetings of all the social, democratic, environmental and human rights groups, wherever possible and express our continued participation and solidarity with all the people’s movements, and particularly, rededicate ourselves in pursuing the Anti-Nuke movement. Let us make a coordinated effort to collectively oppose the designs of the State.

Please share the TuNo video as widely as possible.




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