Attack on teachers by ABVP

Prof. Abha Dev Habib on her facebook wall.

For the first time teachers were targeted and attacked in a peaceful protest program, that too by students (ABVP)!

While ABVP men pelted stones and kicked protesters, their women activists clawed them. ABVP has trained their girls to rush towards women protesters to beat them up – slap them, punch them, claw them and to pull hairs.These girls would rush towards us as soon as they got a chance. They would make cheap “आजा, तुझे दिखा दें ” gestures at protesters

Mahamedhaa Nagar, ABVP activist and a student of MH, realised that I recognised her very well. For the first time I was assaulted as a protester while participating in a peaceful protest. Mahameda despite recognising me as a teacher of her College did not hesitate to pull my hair and raise her hand on me.

It was not an “ABVP – Aisa” clash as projected by many reports. It was ABVP let loose on students and teachers who wanted to protest the assault on University spaces by ABVP-RSS-BJP. The attack on teachers came from an understanding that in all Universities it has finally become Joint Student-Teacher Struggles against their regressive agenda.

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