Bharat Mata is ashamed!

Vartika Puranik


When we say “no one is oppressed in India” is that really true? Or is it what we want believe? When we say “India is secular” is that really true? Or is it what we want believe? The accusations and tagging people Jihadi, Maoist without any authentication is a clear manifestation of fascism. Bharat Mata is ashamed.

We beat our own countrymen, when we claim to be liberal and secular, we stir up violence and justify it with nationalism. Bharat Mata is ashamed. When people are afraid to debate and disrespect the divergent views, when in fact we are a democratic country. Bharat Mata is ashamed.

When we say India has more population of youth and they are future of this country, do we really see them as this country’s future? Or is it just a number for us? The ongoing suppression of progressive and critical voices says something else. We say we are ready for a debate but become extremely rude and use profanity with no limitation. Bharat Mata is ashamed.

Bharat Mata by M F HussainThe ‘mastermind’ of the event, accused terrorist and deshdrohi is choosing to debate over violence. Isn’t it surprising and naïve for such a person who is being considered potent threat to the nation? The official nationalists, who are proving to be bugbears, fearsome people lurking under the coverlet of the tricolor, choosing violence over a dialogue, Isn’t it ironic? Bharat Mata is ashamed.

When a man is being charged with false sedition charges over a tampered video, where he was shown to be raising anti national slogans, when in fact he wants freedom from casteism, poverty and oppression, we are mocking the significance of truth. Bharat Mata is ashamed.
When eminent personalities take no time to stand up and show support to the women, showing solidarity on social media, asking for justice, promising to work for and in support of women for their betterment, where are they now? When the nationalists are harassing them on streets, lynching them and belittling them on social media when they raise their voice. When they justify this in the name of Bharat Mata, Bharat Mata is ashamed.

The people of this country who show unity when Indian cricket team plays against another country, now they have turned against each other. They are swearing to kill people who don’t share the same view as theirs, but is murdering really a heroic act? When you say we love India, but hate half of the Indians, Bharat Mata is ashamed.

When freedom of expression is the ultimate essence of democracy, when constructive criticism is the foundation of democracy, a whole new meaning is being given to it by obstructing the participation of people. When the power is being used not to lift people but to subdue them, Bharat Mata is ashamed.

The media, who once was the mirror of reality, is now a mirror of pseudo reality. When debate once meant “formal discussion on a particular matter, in which opposing arguments are put forward, to derive a conclusion” has now become a joke, where one party forcibly impose their views and hold them as the ultimate truth, when in fact it is just another stand point, Bharat Mata is ashamed.

There was a time when people stood up for each other’s safety, now monsters disguised as humans juggling the laws in their hands and openly admitting to have assaulted people and claiming “they have support” in the name of nationalism. Bharat Mata is ashamed.

Today religion is everything and everything is religion, today one religion is important and other is not, one belief is the truth and other is mocked. There was a time when secularism meant strict separation of the state from religious institutions and people of different religions and beliefs are equal before the law. But now equality is only in books because apparently “some people are more equal than others”. Bharat Mata is ashamed.

Since when words destroy a country but not violence? Since when having a different opinion amounts to terrorist and anti national mindset? Since when calling our fellow countrymen cockroaches is considered okay? Since when right to dissent means criminal conspiracy against the country? Since when did it become acceptable to charge someone with draconian laws for having an opinion? Where are we heading towards? We need to take a moment; sit back and think is it what the real concept of “Bharat Mata” is?

Pursuing Masters in Fashion Marketing(last semester) and a passionate writer and musician. She has written for many leading lifestyle/feminist/news websites and also worked in well known fashion hubs.

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