UP after Kairana: It’s Open Season on the Muslims

Shams Kabir

Yesterday, in a DoorKnob GoesBarmy debate, Rahul of AAP was not letting Sambit Patra speak.

Sambit Patra’s response: ‘Mujhe maar do, mujhe kaat do, par mujhe bolne do’ – cut me up, kill me – but let me speak!!!

He repeated it ad nauseum 15 times!! There were abominable and undignified titters and guffaws from all including DoorKnob. This is the faecal level of our debate, where hacking people and killing them is accepted as part of our culture. Which it is as per the overwhelming evidence. But it has now been given sanctity. On the premier news channels, and by the ruling party no less. ‘Actually, it is a justified democratic tactic’ is what Jaitley might say. The same explanation that he forwarded for the many parliamentary sessions the BJP disrupted while opposing the GST bill which the senile and now very contrary Jaitley holds up, when he is not holding up Modi’s marksheets and knickers, as having the assent of 20 states. Bravo, the contrary BJP believes in federalism. For you I just have the dignified task of just holding on to that thought of ‘federalism’ for a moment.

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Back to hacking and talking. Are you proud of this circus called India?! It is a bloody jungle. Literally and figuratively.

Perhaps, next time there is a debate on the Gulberg massacre on TimesNow, and Zakia Jafri is not getting a word in, she can put out an appeal thus,

‘मार दो, मुझे काट दो, मगर मुझे बोलने दो!’

Rumour has it that the same appeal was made by her late husband during the Gujarat riots. He was a Member of Parliament, Ehsan Jafri, but they hacked him and burnt him and his speaking to Modi did not help. So only when BJP speaks it works. Grab that Sambit. I guess that is why you can’t stop yelling. Though I think you break wind from both ends and do not know how to speak.

Let us face it. The Indian civilisation is a retrograde civilisation.

In other news,

• The ‘breaking news’ on an exodus of Hindu families from Kairana as alleged by BJP, turned out to be breaking wind too. The exodus was attributed to communal tensions and Muslims in particular. Now the BJP is claiming it was not that they said that ‘Hindus were being forced out’ by Muslim goons. So what exactly were you saying then dear chaps?

• Triple talaq has been taken up with great gusto. But whenever the Muslim organisations request for a draft Uniform Civil Code to be tabled for discussion, there is the predictable silence from the news channels and parties. I do accept their silent position though. After all, the UCC is only a stick to beat Muslims with. No Hindu organisation has ever been subjected to cross-questioning on why they also do not want a UCC to kick in. The parties will also never force the discussion of a UCC with Hindu religious bodies. That would be electoral Harakiri.

• And yes, the Communal Violence Bill, as important as the UCC, is in limbo. When it was introduced by the Congress in 2011, a united Opposition had forced the government to defer it in the Rajya Sabha.

Most of the Opposition parties, including the BJP, Samajwadi Party, CPI(M), AIADMK, et al – had stepped up their attack on the government, accusing it of going against the spirit of ‘federalism’ and encroaching upon States’ rights.

You have had Arunachal, Uttarakhand, Now Tripura. The efforts of BJP at ‘cooperative federalism’ are continued. And the other notables like TMC, DMK, AIADMK, SP are silent on this ‘fillip’ to the spirit of federalism provided by BJP.

It is all in the flow of things though. The SP, a most communal party, was hasty to act on the refugees from Muzaffarnagar riots. Bulldozed their shanties in the middle of a harsh northern winter. The idiots from the Netaji cult in Mathura were allowed to stay in the heart of the city for more than two years despite HC directives against the occupation and clear directives for evacuation . They had ration cards and were more or less an organised militia. But they were Hindus.

Muslims in UP? Get out of there. Now!! It is open season and you are game. Perhaps you can request for protective enclaves. All over India. You will very soon be moved put of the ghettos you live in, to reservations the way the native Indians in America were. Very soon. Residential apartheid is all the rage you haramzaadas. Or did you not know?

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