Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Tere?

Khushi Padma Singh

Bol Ke Lab Azad Hain Tere?


My name is not my sole identity. I am a phenomena way beyond that.You might want to reduce me to a first and a second name, to a caste, a religion, a gender. But NO. That is not me. Today I am Rohith, today I am Umar, I am Anirban, I am Kanhaiya. I am all of those whom you want to crush because they can think, because they can speak, because they can question. Today, I am that ‘India’ that you are…

Eyes full of wonder, she was looking at the flag her mother was holding. It was a new toy, an amusing one. A piece of cloth that seemed so precious. Her mother held it close to the heart, like her own child… guarding it with all her might.
“This is our freedom. This is our voice.” said she. The young one did not understand what freedom was. But one thing she did learn that day, that this was to be the mast of the ship she was born on…. And just like that, she picked it up with her tiny little hands and sailed into the sea of ‘Revolution’, with her head held high….

You sing songs of their glory, you call them the makers of this nation. Then how do you forget that this ‘nation’ that they fought for was not for just a handful. It was supposed to be a great nation, where all are welcome, all are heard. Where our freedom is our glory. You invoke their names on one hand and then crush me with the other. You claim that this nation is yours, now are these dead men your too?

He is you and me. He is the boy you meet on the street on your way to office. He is that man who brings grocery to your house. He is also the child who dances in the rain and runs after butterflies, who questions and questions because he wants to know. He is that innocent smile, that angry gaze, that mischievous smirk. All of it that is all around us, within us. He is no different.He is all of us, each one of us. And, HE IS NOT A TERRORIST!

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