Build Compassion and Fight Oppression: An Appeal from Prof. Tripathi

Friends, Most of our mothers were not educated. Villagers like Akbar and Khiloon were also not educated. Yet in honesty, commitment to hard work and compassion they had no match. Seventy percent countrymen are deprived of education like them but they have the wealth of truth and wisdom. They earn their bread through hard labor and give 60% of their earnings to build the nation.

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The classes living on their exploitation, viz., the corporates, traders and officers are a different kind of people- a majority of them having show off, religious hatred, caste prejudice and crookedness. Their political idols are also arrogant and narrow minded like them. For this reason the political likings of masses and the elite have been opposite of each other. People love Mahatma Gandhi by heart while the elite worship his killers. People voted overwhelmingly for Nehru and Indira Gandhi while the elite spit venom against them.

This time the danger is bigger. Corporates (and middle classes) have acquired strong control over resources and markets and media has come as a powerful weapon in their hands. It suppresses the real issues by raising the superficial and fake ones and forces the government to bend on knees. Two years ago, in the garb of corruption, black money and Lokpal Bill, it lifted unknown people from ground to sky. However, not a finger was pointed towards the real source of corruption, the trading and corporate classes, who legally make huge profits and also indulge in hoarding, black marketing, and bribing (to reap Rs. 100 crore benefits by paying 1 crore bribe) . No one raised the issue how the income of affluent classes in last 20 years grew 100 fold while that of the farmers and workers only marginally.

Now these classes, through incessant propaganda, are projecting the Chief Minister of Gujarat. There are two reasons. One, he let 2000 helpless countrymen burn alive and did not even blink, i.e., he is brave. Two, he provided lands to Tatas, Reliance and other industrialists for peanuts.

If such people win elections, then corporates, middle classes and RSS will rule over every center of power, from village Panchayats and shrines to colleges, administration and legislatures in cities. Already the criminals and aggressive elements of the country are gravitating towards them. Let us not strike axe on our own feet by giving vote to them.

Gandhi has taught us one lesson – Do not fight amongst yourselves, fight the oppression. Let us resist the rising storm of evil. Tell the peoples’ representatives to bring down ill impact of market on farmers and workers, make technical education accessible to all the children and take every one along.

Prof. V.K. Tripathi teaches at Physics Department of IIT Delhi and associated with Sadbhav Mission. He can be reached at

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