Casteist Facebook: Why is facebook removing posts selectively?

Soibal Dasgupta

(The author is a Delhi- Calcutta based screenwriter and a political activist and can be contacted at,

In the mid of 21st century, on a well known social networking site- Facebook we see glimpses of old traditions of exploitation, discrimination and hatred – in short the words of “Manusmriti”!

An experiment was conducted on Facebook, which happens to be the biggest social networking site and the results were shocking. This simple experiment can be conducted by anyone and the results be verified. We searched for discriminatory words like “chamar”, “chura”, “bhangi” etc.-we not only reported these posts but also argued with these people wherever possible, mostly on public groups or profiles of public personalities. The shocking moment was- the arguments which talked against the caste system and exploitation of Dalits were removed and the users were banned for particular time periods. However the Casteist comments involving abuses on Dalits were said tohave not violatedFacebook community standards.In this particular screenshot one can see what exactly violates the community standards.



The comment originally written in Bengali with Roman alphabets says-

man gaye apke paar ki nazar aur nirma super dono ko (an old advertisement quote)

jokes apart, for your long comment I am giving a small answer with a small question. Are the dalits allowed in your ancestral village home? (I am a Bengali too… do not lie). Brahmins are doing the rituals since thousand years, isn’t it a form of reservation? Since thousand years Dalits are cleaning the sewers, isn’t it reservation? Our upper caste ancestors had a lot of fun so there should be reservation for Dalits for at least thousand years to compensate those thousand years of exploitation.”

This single comment hurt the brahmanical sentiments so hard that the person reported it for racial/ religious hate speech. He not only just reported but also abused Dalits (thinking that I belong to the Dalit community). I replied back with

“my quota?”  (since he said that my daughter uses this government quota then… followed by abuses)

It was also found to be violating Facebook standards. I along with some friends started searching for such casteist comments and reporting them. None of the comments were found to be violating Facebook community standards but anything that questions the Brahmanical system or goes against it violates the community standards.
This is a clear indication that these standards are actually the modern form of Manusmriti.


There are groups where Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is abused like anything, there are poems (abusive poems) about Ambedkar- certainly these do not violate Facebook standards. There are groups which tells the people about the position of the Dalits in the society- reported but as usual, they do not violate the Facebook community standards!

Certain groups name themselves very explicitly, with the phrase “We Hate” but it too follow the FB community standards.

All these people are coincidently a particular political party supporters, and they also support a so called “social nationalist outfit” forgetting that the Dalits are very much part of this nation and the base of this nation lies within the foundations of the constitution, written by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who is projected as a villain in these groups injecting hatred among the masses.

Dalit Hate groups are not the only online Hate clubs, there is a Bengali hate group too and this is administered by again, someone following a particular so called “Nationalist” ideology! The point is, it seems as if Facebook is knowingly facilitating these people, may be because of some special interest in them or mutual gains- whatever the reason might be.  Facebook came up with some project for India named- Facebook Basics in collaboration with an Indian company, affecting Net Neutrality (later it was rejected by the people). The thing to be noticed is that the same Indian company maintains closeness with a particular Political party. Is it possible that Facebook is being used as an online tool to shut the voices of dissent and project the hidden agenda of propagating “teachings of Manusmriti”?

Facebook needs to understand that Orkut had to close itself because it lost the Indian users after it was proved to be incapable of controlling hate speech and fake profiles propagating hate politics. If Facebook continues to project such Hate modules then no doubt sensible people will be forced to look for other social networking sites. There is no emotional attachment with fb, it is one of the hundreds of social networking sites available on internet!

Majority of Indians are NOT Casteist, so keeping the Manusmriti in trash and not including in business will help a lot else we have options to stay connected with our family and friends other than Facebook!


Here Dalits are held responsible for the Kolkata flyover collapse.



Here Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is called a separatist, and being worshipped by “Kaamchor”- those who run away from their work.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is also said to be against those who are talented…

Further an appeal has been made in the last line- “read it and teach it to children!” This shows the level of Hatred these people have and the way they want to pass this hatred to the coming generations.

The people who are posting all these craps are not “professional”hate mongers, they are common people who are provided with a platform of hatred to experiment with their fanatic thoughts. In times when students are starved, detained and beaten up for protesting against Caste atrocities these kind of comments add oil in the fire and these incidents also show us how Facebook is facilitating these people in exhibiting their fanatic thoughts.
















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