Citizens protest in Delhi against high-handedness on peaceful protestors

India Against Hate


Press Statement | For immediate release | February 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

The high-handedness and victimisation by the Delhi police, of peaceful protesters demanding action against vandalism in Delhi churches in the recent weeks, comes as a shock to us. The same police which remained a mute spectator when the churches were being vandalised, is beating up and thrashing people demanding action against the Hindutva miscreants.

The Delhi Police comes directly under the Union Home Ministry and the Christian groups in Delhi had organmised a Peace March yesterday upto the office of the Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh. Not only the Delhi police has been dishing out ridiculous and irresponsible statements justifying its inaction against the miscreants, it resorted to beating and thrashing peaceful protesters today in the national capital.

We strongly condemn such manhandling and partisan attitude of the Delhi Police, which has become a pattern in the recent months. As citizens of this country, we cannot allow the current regime at the centre to turn the police and administration into tools of its divisive political agenda. Deliberately created communal tensions and absurd divisive campaigns by the Hindutva groups, duly patronised by the BJP govt, have caused understandable anxiety in the country and abroad.

We demand that the Delhi Police apologizes for its manhandling of women, children and priests participating in yesterday’s peace march, initiates a fair probe into incidences of attack on Delhi churches and brings the culprits to the book at the earliest. We urge fellow citizens to be vigilant against administrative complacency in cases of such hate-mongering.

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