Civil society tributes to Adv. Mukul Sinha

Civil Society is devastated by the death of Adv. Mukul Sinha–an indefatigable fighter against inequality, fascism and extra judicial killings. He passed away on Monday afternoon in Ahmedabad. Following are the respective tributes by civil society organisations, activists and journalists, who were close friends and had worked with him. India Resists shares their pain and joins them in paying tribute to Adv. Sihna. RIP Mukul Sinha !


“Mukul Sinha passes away. An irreparable loss, just when we needed him most. A friend, guide and inspiration, he will be terribly missed.”

– Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association

Mukul Sinha, lawyer and civil rights activist, who taught many of us to fight; to use facts to counter lies and deceit, passed away today. His courage and tenacity, in the face of grave personal danger, will continue to inspire thousands of us. We pledge to take his work forward. We will keep uncovering the Truth of Gujarat. Salute.

– NOMOre Campaign

“Comrade Mukul Sinha, a relentless revolutionary, fighter for justice, righteousness and peace is no more.

Lal Salam to dear comrade Mukul Sinha.

Mukul sinha a wonderful person and radical lawyer died. Fond memories are all I have. Brave heart.

– Mihir Desai, Senior Lawyer

In the spirit he lived and fought against fascist and capitalist forces our real tribute to comrade Mukul Sinha is not in the mourning but a firm resolve to continue the struggle against fascist and capitalist forces specially in present times.

He was one of the founder members of New Socialist Movement, Jan Sangharsh Manch and Gujarat Trade Union Federation.

Through his website, this relentless fighter strived for establishing the truth of Sabarmati Train carnage and carnage 2002 in the Nanavati Commission, the other 2002 cases, fake encounter cases and the deceptive development of Gujarat across India on day to day basis.

We appeal to take today the following pledge at 7 p.m. and everyday wherever we are.

“We solemnly resolve to continue our fight for justice and truth, to uphold the values of human rights, to stand up and speak-out for the oppressed against injustice of all kinds, unafraid of all consequences.”

– Rohit Prajapati and Trupti Shah, Members of Radical Socialist.

“Farewell comrade in Arms Mukul Sinha a voice against the barbarism that was 2002 Gujarat you will be remembered in the struggle as it continues.”

-Teesta Setalvad, Activist and Lawyer

“My journalist friends from Gujarat have just now informed me a terrible, tragic news. Legendary lawyer Mukul Sinha, one of the most resilient fighters against the organised injustice in Gujarat after the carnage of 2002, and a staunch ally of the poorest and the voiceless, has passed away. His fight against the disease which inflicted him was as resilient as his fight against fascism, inside Gujarat, inside and outside the courts, in the slums, streets and ghettos of Ahmedabad, in the same terrain where the memories of the massacres and fake encounters were etched. Along with his courageous wife and others, till the last moment, he refused to relent. His documentation in the ‘Truth of Gujarat’ website became a testimony of the totality of truth against all the bloody lies, fake statistics and injustices being enacted by Modi-Amit Shah regime. A fellow journalist from Delhi met him recently at his residence in Ahmedabad; she said he looked fragile, but was as strong, in fighting spirit, and coherent as ever, and that he and his wife are indeed great symbols of courage and resistance.

I would consider Mukul Sinha one of the truly greats of our life and times, greater than words can tell. The fight will go on, must go on; that would be a living tribute to him. But his absence, his meticulous, sharp mind, his dogged will to fight for justice, his steadfast fearlessness, his big heart and the infinite ability to defy the fascists in their own den… that will be starkly and deeply missed. Goodbye Mukul Sinha. It will be difficult to forget you, and your work. Long Live”

-Amit Sengupta, journalist

“I join everyone in saluting Mukul, a friend and colleague. And as a true tribute to Mukul, we shall continue our struggle against injustice.”

-Vrinda Grover, Lawyer and Activist

“Today, we renew our pledge to fight communal fascist forces.”

-Shabnam Hashmi, Activist

One of his most tenacious campaigns was to make the Nanavati Commission examine Narendra Modi on post-Godhra massacres. The commission was adamant in its refusal to summon Modi, although the allegations of complicity against him are expressly part of its mandate and there is a wealth of evidence against him. As the Supreme Court declined to intervene, the commission is still engaged with its 12-year farce of carrying on with a don’t-ask-don’t-tell inquiry.

Despite such impediments, human rights advocate Mukul Sinha brought to light the evidence of call data records (CDR), which had been collected by police officer Rahul Sharma. This led to the arrest of Modi’s minister Maya Kodnani, who was subsequently convicted for her involvement in the massacre at Naroda Patiya.

Another major issue on which Sinha had relentlessly pursued Modi was the series of fake-encounter cases, which landed several Gujarat police officers in jail and forced the resignation of home minister Amit Shah as he had himself been arrested for the murder of Sohrabuddin Sheikh.

For those of us who had been privileged to interact with him and benefit from his knowledge and generosity, the most fitting tribute to Sinha would be to keep the flame of human rights burning, more brightly than ever before, to take on the growing dangers of institutional bias and impunity, drawing inspiration from the courage he had displayed in the face of adversity.

-Manoj Mitta, Senior Journalist and Author of “The Fiction of Fact-finding: Modi and Godhra”

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