Coming soon: JTSA’s report on fabricated terror charges

Framed, Damned, Acquitted: Dossiers of a ‘Very’ Special Cell (2nd Edition)
By Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association
2015, Delhi, 305 pp.

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Framed Damned AcquittedThis is the second edition of our widely acclaimed report, Framed, Damned, Acquitted, first published in 2012. The report had documented 16 cases where people accused of terrorism spent long years in prison, only to be acquitted of all charges. The second edition consists of additional eight cases and a new Introduction. Again, we have placed reliance on court records and judgments to point to the patterns of fabrication and framing that this most elite agency called Special Cell engages in, in the name of fighting a ‘war against terrorism’. What is most troubling is the reign of impunity the Special Cell continues to enjoy – despite mounting evidence of its flagrant wrong doings.

The Report will be released in early October. You can place advance and bulk orders now. Write to to place your orders. We also welcome contributions to sustain our activities.

Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association

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