A local activist’s report on communal violence in Hazaribagh: Urgent intervention needed!

Razi Ahmad


On communal violence in Hazaribagh, from a local activist

Communal violence rocks Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. One killed, several critically injured. Hazaribagh is constituency of Minister of state (Finance) Jayant sinha. The local MLA Manish Jaiswal is also from BJP.

The incident took place on October 24 when some Muslims gathered at a place called Charowa Dam for Muharram. Muharram is being observed here in this open ground for ages.

A temple has recently been constructed near this ground.

On October 24, when Muslims assembled here for Muharram, a large number of Hindus gathered at the temple. The local people asked the administration to disperse the Hindu crowd because it could create tension in the already charged environment, but administration did nothing.

Some miscreants started pelting stones after which police opened fire. One person (Bahadur Sah Zafar) died in police firing while 5 are critically injured. Police firing was directed towards only one community.

Hazaribagh has been facing a series of events which indicates a conspiracy to create communal divide in the area.
The target is the economically strong quraish community, traditionally involved in the business of meat.

Ever since the BJP govt came to power, gau raksha committee has become active. They have been regularly stopping trucks carrying cattle to Hazaribagh on the national highway. Cattle, not cows but other animals, have been forcibly captured and truck drivers beaten up. No case has ever been registered despite media reporting.

Just two months back, gau activists stopped a man carrying raw meat in his tempo just in front of Sadar thana. They beat up the 50 year old dhaba owner brutally for allegedly carrying beef. He was severely injured but was hospitalized soon as it happened in the heart of the town.

The man was jailed for carrying beef but no action on gau activists for taking law in hand. Some local people approached the police to register a case against miscreants but police took the application and never acted on it. No case registered till date.

A month back some miscreants threw two bottles of wine in the Imambara, and now attack on Muharram procession which killed one young boy.

This shows a conspiracy to create communal divide while MOS Finance Jayant Sinha never took the pain to intervene. Police have acted in a biased manner throughout.

Hazaribagh needs urgent intervention by human right activists and peace loving people.

Editor’s note: According to media reports, twelve persons have been arrested in connection with the clash during Muharram procession in the district which had claimed one life. The identities of those arrested are not available yet. This story has been sent to us by Razi Ahmad from Hazaribagh, and has been vetted by other journalists. Most of the facts mentioned can be independently verified. We have been in touch with Razi Ahmad, and will try to put up another updated story if need be. 

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