My Country for a Horse and Not Much Else

Shams Kabir

I see many hemorrhaging posts on the horse that was beaten by the BJP MLA. I am amazed that some otherwise rather subdued FB personalities are on the rampage against him. Nothing on farmer suicides from them however. Or on the loss of human life. Or on the dogs they kick on the streets.

These same people also went about changing their profile pics on Hebdo and Paris. Nothing on Turkey however, no outrage, where some 30 or more were killed yesterday. But then we have observed that FB outrage is hypocritical in its selectivity.

Many are going ape over ‘Bharat Mata’ too. They should remember that in large swathes of India – including the NE and the South – they do not even understand what the hell that means. There is a religious connotation to Bharat Mata if you do not know your facts.
The whole matter is a crock of shit which need not be discussed – I have often wondered though how the dichotomy of the female mata and the male vatan are resolved in people’s minds?

What is India – mata or papa or a transgender with parts of both? That would be interesting.

BTW, a nation exists because of the people and not vice versa. And the people have a contract with the nation state in the form of the Constitution – as long as they live up to their part of the contract they do not have to chant anything. The state and its bigoted citizens who might want to force them so can be summarily asked to shut up. And the contract stands voided if the state does not provide the promised rights as laid out in the Constitution. Which it does not in the most. Even the right to life is under threat at regular intervals for disadvantaged demographics like the Muslims, Dalits, et al. All this while the state stands by as a mute spectator. Like in 1984, in 2002, in the Jat riots, the list is endless.

Also, the depiction of India as a Hindu goddess enjoins that it is not just the patriotic but also the religious duty of all Indians to be nationalists. Really, a religious duty?! Bharat mata might have several hands, but nationalism is becoming a many headed Hydra.

I recommend these perpetuators of a supra-religious saffron nationalism, which has far outlived its utility, to take a hike. Pronto.




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