Dear Bhakts, standing in line is NOT patriotism! Asking questions is.

Celine Mary

Dear Deshbhakton,

I’m sure you are waiting patiently in front of ATMs and Banks, all for the greater cause of nation-building.

While we, the deshdrohis sit around complaining: complaining that there are people sick in our families, complaining that we have weddings, complaining that we have a liquidity crunch in case of emergencies, complaining that there is harvest waiting to be sold, complaining that there is crop to be sown, just complaining, complaining and complaining.

All while you stand bravely in the queues, because you know what; Soldiers are fighting for us at the borders.

But while defending the border is the soldiers’ job, which they are doing bravely with no help from you, standing in queues is not our job.

The farmer needs to get back to his farms, so that we get food on our table.

The teacher needs to teach our children, so that they can grow up into responsible citizens.

The Businessmen need to carry on their respective businesses, so that various products and services are provided to us

The workers at the textile industries need to make textiles

The construction workers need to build houses, bridges and other infrastructure on which the country stands

The sanitation workers need to keep our country clean

The homemakers need to take care of their families

The doctors and hospitals need to take care of the sick

All these and many more need to go about their jobs, which together make India, what it is today.

So, let the soldiers do their job. Don’t shame others for complaining about being forced to do something which is not their job in the first place.

Standing in queues will build no nation. In fact we are losing precious man-hours, standing in lines, which can and should actually be used to bring stability and growth to the nation.

Jai Hind

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