Dear Mr. Chetan Bhagat the oppressed youth you address are not terrorists

Mr Chetan Bhagat !

I as proud Kashmiri, a young oppressed and muzzled youth of the Kashmir valley. I consciously and valiantly write to you that you turn your maligned and foul eyes blind from the harsh reality of Kashmir . Yes ,Your letter to youth of Kashmir was published by Times of India on 16 April 2016 , when whole Kashmir was in Lamentation and under E – curfew, siege and other hard restrictions from Government of Jammu and Kashmir led by PDP – BJP alliances.

Mr Bhagat, You started your letter with the previous NIT row but missed to mention the recent cold blood murder of Six innocents of Kupwara by so called your patriotic army Javan’s. I agree with you that something is going terrible in Kashmir , but you didn’t mention ‘ a word Terrible ‘ in a proper sense in Kashmir. Undoubtedly you did same defiant things what Ashok Koul and Anupum Kher does in past. You too are in a race to prove your Patriotic Nationalism for your loyal right wing kings.

In your letter you mentioned about Islamic extremism ? But let me tell you have any concept of Hindu Extremism in India , Where downtrodden people are being lynched for eating beef , Where Muslim citizens are being threatened ,their beards are being cut down publicly by right wingers and those Indian citizens are being considered anti nationals who did not chant ‘ Bharat Mata Ki Jai ‘ , but in Kashmir harmony and brotherhood between Muslims , Sikhs and Pundits is an example of tolerance and love from centuries. They share pain and pleasure together.

Considered India in a line of democratic nations of the world , which I believe is a myth of decades. The truth is that your democratic views are the blot on real democracy.

On the other hand it shows your lack of knowledge and inexperienced about history of Kashmir that Kashmir will never survive or sustain itself . Yes, we will survive and sustain our Nation well and build it better than you in a very less time, because we have abundant natural and human resources , several hydroelectric plants , tourism and wool industries and well economy growth, in International affairs these things always determines the strength and power of a Nation which Kashmiri’s have in a large extent.

Mr Bhagat ! In your letter which is not more than thousand of words in which you come up with a decision to integrate Kashmir with India but again you missed to mention the barbarousness and brute nature of Indian anarchical state in Kashmir since 1989, You didn’t mention the resistance of last twenty seven years in Kashmir. You know It is India’s anarchy in Kashmir who killed lac’s of civilians in which thousands became Widows in their young age ,Orphans in childhood and disappear due to furious electrode torture in many Abu Gharib and Guantanamo torture centers of Kashmir.

Mr Bhagat , You talked about Women rights in Kashmir. I don’t know whether I blow my head with cemented wall or weep loudly about their rights given by your patriotic, tyrant Nation. But truth is this that Women of Kashmir was always demoted , mugged , maimed,  obliterated, assaulted, molested and raped by your so called brave army Javan’s .Their status and existence was ruined and humiliated by your Army Jawans whether it is a case of Kunanposhpora where womenfolk of two villages were raped repeatedly by your brave patriotic army jawans , Double rape and murder case of Asiya and Neolafar and Mubeena Ganie of Chawalgam who and her several invitees were raped by Indian Paramilitary forces after few hours of her marriage and a recent case of handwara where your army Javan’s molested teenage school girl and left six innocents dead when they were protested against the perpetrator. According to a writer Arshie Qurashie ,The rapists was not one man or a group of persons , It was someone in that uniform possessing power. Despite all these brutalities and cruel oppression from your Nation you advised us to merge with Indian Union, which I believe is impossible. yes there are little Pro Indian sentiments in Kashmir not in common people but those politicians and bureaucrats who are your loyals in Kashmir.

However , I agree with you that terrorism is no solution , no revenge and retribution for Indian atrocities , but you itself failed to acknowledge the terrorism ,cruelty and prejudice of Indian felons on Kashmiri people with the wrath of AFSPA and PSA since decades.

To conclude, the oppressed and suppressed youth of Kashmir to whom you wrote your letter are the real heroes of Kashmir because they are the unarmed people who always challenged your ominous and vague policies in Kashmir by their little counted stones. Indeed our youth is brave and lionhearted my and their struggle for freedom will survive till the lucent dawn of Independent Kashmir will rise.

An Oppressed and Muzzled Kashmiri.

Javeed Bin Nabi,

Student of International Relations at IUST , Kashmir.


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