Dear Mr. Swamy, you deserve an Oscar!

Dear Mr. Subramaniya Swamy,

I guess your brains are getting old and tired that they are building up such sick thoughts and ideas… How about taming it a little bit or just resting it in peace so that your body can feel a little light? It will be a good exercise so that other people can even see for themselves if anything like that even exists…

OMG! The Bharat Ratna idea for Rajapakshe is an awesome one and why not suggest Nobel Peace Prize instead, for all that you may know, he might even have the sufficient blood stains to be conferred with any amount of highest peace prizes’ standard requirements?

How people like you can live absolutely undisturbed in the midst of smell of blood and human flesh still manage to act intellectual and breathe to exist?

I request Mr. Narendra Modi to nominate you for the Oscars as you have acted extremely well in the movie Anaconda and the scene where you spit venom is just so applaud-able and requires extreme amount of brainlessness and technique.

I also request Mr. Namo to nominate the citizens of this country for the ‘tolerant idiots’ award as that is the only apt thing for all of our tolerance and idiotic acceptance of all jokers midst us in the name of politics.


Bhargavi Dilipkumar

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