Dear ToI, apologise for your FAKE story on Najeeb and sack serial liar Raj Shekhar Jha

Times of India journalist Raj Shekhar Jha who gave us the story about the missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed having ‘browsed ISIS sites as per unnamed Police sources’ now gives us a gem that says, basically – that though according to latest reports, the Delhi Police is saying it does not have any information about Najeeb browsing ISIS websites in the form of a browsing history, this still does not clear Najeeb.

How? Here comes the gem. According to Jha, the police not having a browsing history for Najeeb – means that they do not know which sites he visited. But it also means that they do not know whether or not he visited those sites.

Based on this not knowing what one cannot know, Raj Shekhar Jha knows even what he cannot know. Amazing !

LATEST: Times of India’s journalist @rajshekharToI blocked us on Twitter after we called out his totally FALSE and malicious story about Najeeb’s IS connection.

This morning, we sent out this tweet, calling Raj Shekhar Jha’s malicious bluff, and he blocked us. –

Expose this propaganda journalist. Ask ToI to sack him and apologize! #SackRajShekharJha

He concocted the story to please the sanghi propaganda machinery.

And the lesser said about the Times of India the better. 600 word story on front page by their great journalist. Later, a 70 word summary of the statement by Delhi Police denying any such ISIS link.

In these times when fake propaganda is taking place with instructions from the top, we must name and shame these pawns so that others think before indulging in fake and slanderous reporting.

This is not journalism as the first draft of history, this is journalism as the first draft of mystery !

See this twitter exchange between Raj Shekhar Jha and Kavita Krishnan below.

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