December 6, 1992: the tale of Babri Masjid demolition in a rap song

A-List is a political rapper who uses his music to speak on issues ranging from AFSPA to human rights violations in Chhattisgarh to the wrongful execution of Afzal Guru

A quick freeverse on the Wu Tang Clan “Reunited” beat. Just some shit I needed to get off my chest about the Babri Masjid Demotion on 6th December, 1992. This was the darkest day in Indian history and will forever be a blot on this nation’s character. I deal with it the best way I can, with some hip hop. [See lyrics below.]

You call it 6th December, I call it day of tragedy,
The day we remember, we lost our humanity,
All joy was lost, no noise of elation,
Came to destroy a mosque, but destroyed a nation (X2)

What every girl and every boy is facing,
Hatred, bigotry, emotional exploitation,
Of the wounds inflicted by crimes of you,
Who marched on December 6, 1992,
December 6, 1992, you never miss, right,
A chance to celebrate your terrorist strike,
Records is like, “It was an agitation”,
More like an architectural assassination,
This is the game, you observe they,
Still will claim it was the birthplace,
That’s right, check what the words say,
In the worst case, if the birth stays,
I gotta ask this, here in my song,
If God is eternal, who gives a fuck where he’s born,
I gotta ask this, here in my song,
If God is eternal, who gives a fuck where he’s born,

I understand, it’s a sensitive topic,
And religion has tension with logic,
But take your tension, dislodge it,
And let me get on and mention this all quick,
Yo, Okay, man, listen,
Root Cause, Advani’s ambition,
He didn’t care for other party’s justice,
That’s why they demolished Babri Masjid,
They said it was built on temple before,
So they attempted to assemble a horde,
But I bet they never mentioned before,
How they helped communal tension to grow,
After ’92, listen, what this rapper says,
‘Coz this is true, let’s talk of Thackeray,
Let’s talk of Thackeray,

Yo, Let’s talk of Thackeray,
Funeral from the state, he was the man,
Love is okay but hate was the plan,
Cycle of Violence and it is on mass,
Remember the murders and the bomb blasts,
If your kid wasn’t home, you would worry more,
Remember what they did in Muhammad Ali Road?
BJP did it in the nation,
Sena did it here, I know the implication,
I asked God what he thought of the people,
And what he dropped was so lethal,
He said, “They forgot about justice, right,
So you know what man, Fuck these guys”

God said Fuck You Guys!
What, you didn’t think I speak to God?
I’m a very spiritual person, homie!
For Real.
We be conversating about shit all the time,
Who do you think writes my lyrics?
That’s right.

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