Demonetisation disaster: famous bangle and lock manufacturing Firozabad and Aligarh shuts down


Aligarh locked down:

90% of the small and cottage scale units, including unregistered ones in Aligarh have either closed down or are on the brink of closure. Owners have no money to pay wages or buy raw material, while stock of manufactured goods is piling up in their storehouses. Newsclick spoke to the people in Aligarh regarding the devastating impact of demonetisation on their lives. Here is a video report from ground zero.

Shattered bangles in Firozabad:

PM Modi’s reign began with many promises. One among them was the glorious ‘Make in India’. But as time passes, the eminent catch line is morphing into ‘Break in India’. With another one of Modiji’s “masterstroke”, watch how Firozabad bangle industry shatters in the wake of Demonetisation

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