A doctor’s ordeal with plastic money in India’s capital: “Delhi Police is pathetic and irresponsible”

From Dr. Ntin Shakya’s facebook wall

Perhaps everyone of us is talking about using PAYTM, DEBIT CARDS OR INTERNET BANKING. But it is very pertinent to know, whether we are ready to face the challenges which this cashless economy poses us. I want to share my personal experience. I am a government doctor by profession .One early morning around 5.00 am, I got around 20-30 messages on my mobile thanking me with regard to a number of purchases done through my card worth total of Rs 64000. I was shocked to see those messages as I have not done any purchase since a long time, so how could it be possible.

I immediately called my bank helpline number and then rushed to my bank -corporation bank Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, complained about the issue and the same was informed to the police station at Vasant Kunj south, New Delhi.

Adding to my misery was the pathetic and irresponsible response shown by these department More so they were blaming me of the misuse and after long arguments they accepted my complaint.

But for one year no FIR was registered in the case till there was intervention by the joint commissioner of police. And after two years now the final status report has come from DELHI POLICE. It says the accused cannot be traced and the case is closed.

My question to the authorities is that if you cannot secure the money of honest people who are regularly paying taxes, how can you promote DIGITAL MONEY .Its akin to jumping out of the plane without parachutes. My request to all the propounders of cashless money is that first pay attention to the issue of cyber security. If our cyber security is weak we will have plenty of such frauds. Perhaps no one can also forget the recent compromise to LAKHS AND LAKHS of debit cards of various banks including SBI through point of sale. Without the cyber security out cashless economy will be just LESS CASH ECONOMY !


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