DPS Agra is looting parents: a first-hand account

Kartikeya Goyal
Delhi public school Agra is looting parents. They have organised a plundering mechanism under which all books and uniforms should be bought from school only. They are charging 8000 rupees for books that cost 2000 and 1500 for shoes which cost 200 and 2300 for a short nicker and t shirt. They are forcing parents to buy from them only else they are harassing the child I am sending picture of their demand letter. Also my mail id is kartikeygoyal95@gmail.com so if you want more proofs and documents kindly mail me. But make sure you look into this because they are looting parents and the school is registered under CBSE and should use NCERT books. 4 books are priced at 3500 which hardly cost 1000. These books are meant for 4th standard students and I cannot imagine how 4th standard students require maths and science books worth this much.
The books and stationary listed for the academic year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 includes an additional cost of Rs. 2600 for an ‘art kit’ that was meant to be used for puppet making and clay art. We have seen no evidence of any such art activity and when we brought this to the notice of the school ICs, we were pacified with promises of a breath taking art exhibition that would be put on display on the school open day in both the senior and junior wing. Willing to give the school authorities benefit of the doubt, we waited for the art exhibition and when we went to see it, we were appalled to say the least. All it contained was drawings and painting on paper and canvas that in no way merited the use of such exorbitant supplies. There was no evidence of any puppet making, clay art or any other art activity. We were not provided with a list of the articles contained in the ‘art kit’ when we insisted.
Parents send their kids to a prestigious school so that they may have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and are willing to pay through their noses for that. But we need to see proof that the claims being made to justify additional activities are true. The least the school can do is enlist the articles used in the art kit and return any left- over articles at the end of the school term. The fact that one single child can use art material worth nearly 3000 in a year with just a few drawings to show for it defeats comprehension. We expect the authorities to be transparent and justify any additional costs with either good results or listed products that parents can physically see.

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