Forceful Eviction From Hostel and Institutional Murderer Appa Rao prevail in HCU

Ongoing protests against forceful hostel eviction and intimidation!!
Apparao and gang are making sure that their legacy of caste atrocity that they started continues ceaselessly.
Hostel raids and forceful eviction are happening in the campus since last few days. The chief warden along with several security guards are going from room to room to threaten and kick students out of the hostels, in the name of renovation and maintenance and water crisis. This is happening in the light of
1. students preparing for various entrance exams, internships etc. Students rightfully wanting to stay back on campus for various reasons.
2. Students having to go to the police station every week for Hajri in the false charges filed by the university against them and not being able to leave the city.
3. Students from a vulnerable social background are targetted and suffer more in such a situation.
This is the same administration that kicked out Rohith and 4 other scholars from their hostels as a part of the caste punishment, that amounted to commitment of a caste atrocity and culminated into Rohith’s murder.
We understand that this is systematic effort from Apparao and the administration to cleanse out the students before admissions, hound and harrass and punish them for raising their voices against injustice, This is a continuation of the atrocity committed upon Rohith and has taught us another lesson in structural violence.
If we look back the process of cleansing the hostels in UoH, it started with the new hostel code of conduct in the beginning of the year along with the cyberabad police pamphlete and UGC notice of installing a police post in each campus as a part of the larger RSS onslaught on institutions of higher education.
Even if they wash out every poster and every graffiti of Rohith. Even if they try to kick us out of the hostels !
we will continue fighting, we will remain fearless !!!
Jai Bhim! Inquilab zindabad!



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