From cow-theft to Akhlaq’s Pakistan visit: lies about Dadri that Bhakts are spreading

Kumar Sundaram

First Mahesh Sharma with his absurd statements, then the notorious riot-accused Sangeet Som visited Dadri. And today Yogi Adityanath is visiting with Yuva Vahini workers. No statement from PM, the Home Minister didn’t bother to visit. The state CM didn’t bother to stop/arrest any of these lunatics visiting and making inflammatory speeches like his government has responded in Varanasi by jailing the Congress MLA and coming down heavily on trouble-makers.

And the bhakts on the social media are blaming the media and the secularists for flaring up the issue and resorting to sinister lies about Dadri.

While the likes of Sadhvi Prachi come out in an outright defense of the Dadri lynching, and BJP Minister Mahesh Sharma thinking that the daughter of Mohd Akhlaq must be grateful the mob didn’t touch her, the social media foot-soldiers of the sangh parivar are busy spreading blatant lies. Some of these lies have actually been peddled by pro-RSS papers like Dainik Jagran and then re-posted on the social media by the right-wing trolls.

The RSS brigade doesn’t shy away from propagating lies to suit its communal goals. While now the govt is clarifying on the beef export that India does not export cow-meat but actually its buffalow meat, that did’t stop Modi himself from making rabid communal speeches during his election campaign by accusing the Congress govt on ‘pink revolution’.

Here are some of the lies and brazen obfuscations and justifications of the hate crime. While some tried to establish that it was indeed beef, others linked it to cow-theft and Akhlaq’s visit to Pakistan.

The truth is: Mohd Akhlaq did not visit Pakistan. Even if he would have gone, how does it make him a criminal and justifies the mob-killing? Other assertions like the killers of Akhlaq were AAP supporters are mere rumors. 8 of the 11 accused have been found to be BJP supporters and close relatives of the local BJP leader. And the charge of Mohd Akhlaq, father of an Air Force jawan, surviving on cow-theft is plain ridiculous. The priest himself has admitted that he was forced to make an announcement about beef-eating from the temple’s loud-speaker.

Also, the sangh-supporters on the social media are blaming the press and journalists with choicest abuses:

The UP Police, in the meanwhile, has asked twitter to delete some of these provocative tweets:



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