Here’s Why Vivek Agnihotri’s Speech is a Planned Attack on JU

Subham Rath

After IIT M, FTII, HCU, JNU, AMU , saffron fascists turned their head towards Jadavpur University. Jadavpur University had always been in their list since the protest rally in solidarity with JNU happened. Following that day, some 100 supporters along with Rupa Ganguly arrived near Jadavpur University, tried to break into it and was stopped by a thousand students, teachers, police and administrative authority. Ever since Jadavpur has been on their ‘cleaning manifesto’. Few students launched a forum named Think India, that aimed at propagating narrow nationalist views in accordance with Sanghi’s ‘akhand bharat’ notion. Think India was later discovered to be controlled by ABVP state unit in West Bengal. For entering into the state politics, capturing Jadavpur has been a dream of BJP, since Jadavpur registered its fight against fascism with plural conscientious perceptions.

1st part:

It all started with Think India, inviting Anupam Kher and Vivek Agnihotri to screen Buddha In a Traffic Jam in JU. They claimed that they had booked Triguna Sen memorial hall (not a part of university administrative authority) for showing the film on 6th May. The news of nationalist cape crusader Anupam Kher, Vivek Agnihotri coming to Jadavpur University on 6.05.2016, to instill a dose of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ soon went viral. Several students organized a program ‘Rise against Fascism’ to express their dissent in regard to the political motivation of the director and nationalist celebrity. Another section of students decided to organize the screening of”Muzaffarnagar Abhi Baki Hai” on the same day. But none of the programs had the intention of disrupting the screening of Agnihotri’s movie. It was on 6th May Triguna sen hall authorities revoked the permission on grounds of code of conduct during elections. But ABVP state committee decided to show it in the grounds.

Students of JU respecting the culture and exhibition of dissent didn’t protest at the decision. All they wanted to protest was against Kher, and Agnihotri for their heinous ideologies and recent stances on FTII, HCU and JNU.

On 6th May, ABVP took out a rally outside Jadavpur with the prime agenda of teaching JU a lesson for their alleged ‘anti-national’ stance on recent ongoings. They had no interest in the movie screening either.

At around 5.30 p.m. Vivek Agnihotri’s car entered. Anupam Kher fell sick conveniently. His car was guarded by the ABVP members, most of whom were outsiders and not even students. Students with banners, black flags creating a chain to allow passage of the vehicle were assaulted by ABVP goons, women protesters were deliberately molested, abused, a female journalist was molested as well who was later to found to lodge FIR.
Later, students were again assaulted when screening of Muzaffarnagar Baqi Hain was stalled.

Amidst all these, the film Buddha in a traffic Jam was screened (even think india members wouldn’t deny) in the JU ground without any disruption. After their celebrity guests left, the members commenced their hooliganism all over again.

Some of the goons accused of molesting, heckling the students were identified and taken to Aurobindo Bhavan. 4 of them were handed over to the police, who later let them go. The Registrar and the students meanwhile filed FIRs against those 4. And soon a large number of BJP members came and tried to enter the campus under the leadership of Rupa Ganguly. She threatened at a time “I’ll wait for 10 minutes, then we’ll break the gates.” And the campus was on the verge turning to a war-zone for the saffron sanghis.

When asked about molestation of some JU students, Rupa Ganguly justifies it – “Have you looked at the language of those shameless? And you are asking about molestation?”

At around 10 p.m. ABVP/BJP goons beat up two students of JU in front of Jadavpur University Main Hostel. Several BJP-RSS supporters gathered at 8B crossing, hurled threats at the students of JU. It was also claimed by them that some of their members got seriously injured and admitted into hospital.

At 11.30 P.M. a huge number of students rallied to Jadavpur thana to register mass FIR against the hooligans who came to disrupt a university campus while it was going through a semester examination process.

2nd part:

A program Indomitable JU was called by JU students, on 7th May, 2016 which was joined by more than 2000 students on a weekend and that too when their semester examination process was going on. It merely reflects how committed the students were to preserve campus democracy against saffron thugs.

Meanwhile Vivek Agnihotri started rampant hate campaign against Jadavpur flooding his twitter account with propaganda which included – ‘Car torn apart’, ‘broke my shoulder’ , ‘film not screened’ etc. He also posted photo of an internal report, when there wasn’t even any internal commiittee formed or official statement made on behalf of university on the issue. ABVP in the meantime gave call for march to JU on 9th May. From shaming female students of JU associated with cuss words, condescending remarks to photoshopping gate 4 of Jadavpur University with Pakistan Flag, they tried inciting more violence against JU.

9th May huge number police barricaded the place anticipating massive clashes. ABVP members along with BJP, RSS, Durgabahini started rally from golpark. As soon as they reached Jadavpur Police station, they tried to break the barricade. More than 1000 students were present on the other side. ABVP leader threatened openly, to cut the legs of any JU student if seen outside.

Students of the Jadavpur University crowded at their gate during the police-ABVP stand-off. “They wanted to come here and attack us. They were stopped by the police today. They will try again and we will be at this gate, ready and waiting,” said Sounak Mukhopadhyay, a JU student leader.

ABVP also went to the extent of calling ‘girls of JU can’t be molested because they don’t have shame’, ‘women like her don’t get molested. beautiful women get molested, demure women get molested.’ Later they returned. Present Governor(Chancellor of university) also Former BJP cadre K.N.Tripathi called JU ‘centre of disturbance’ even when it was exceedingly doing well in research and academics.
Jadavpur University Vice Chancellor sent a report to Chancellor stating the unrest was caused by outsiders.
Students fear another JNU row may just happen with their university as well.

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