Hyderabad Blasts: Shabnam Hashmi’s Statement

Shabnam Hashmi
Political Activist, Managing Trustee ANHAD

Strongly Condemn The Blasts In Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

Dilsukhnagar is the same area where in april 2012 the sangh outfits tried to spread commmunal tension by throwing beef and pork meat in temples and mosques. initially the blame was put on muslims, later it was found that it was the handiwork of sanghis.

Makka Masjid blasts and Lumbini blasts same story was repeated after scores of young muslim boys were arrested, tortured, scarred and later the Sangh connection was found.

While Shinde might retract his statement to make peace with BJP the fact is that there have been innumerable attacks by the sangh terror network in India and it needs deeper investigation and prosecution.

Highly condemn Mr Venkaih Naidu’s statement that blasts have been in response to qasab and guru’s hanging.

While strongly condemning the blasts and demanding that whoever the culprits might be they should be punished, it would do good if the Sanghis don’t start pointing fingers as they are as much under the scanner as the terrorists of all other hues.

Shabnam Hashmi

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