“I am a citizen of this planet”: Afzal Guru’s Letter

“I am a citizen of this planet. I do not believe in chosen land, chosen race, concepts which are diabolical, devastating and disastrous in their consequences and results. There is only one way to come out of these policies of nationalism, that is, we must believe and practice the universal permanent values.

Professor Amartya Sen says: ‘Honesty is first a value, then it becomes best polity in economics’.

US and its silent followers have detonated and fragmentised the whole value-based policies… Every responsible citizen of this planet must stand against this neocolonialism of humanity, of cultures, of universal values. It is a terrible threat to human civilisation. The so-called ‘international community’ is a euphemism for the United States furthering its interests through consumerism and materialism, associated directly or indirectly with armed occupations under the flag of globalisation.

Francis Fukuyama’s liberal democracy is not the ‘end of history’, rather the political philosophy towards the end of all human moral values. It is this neocolonialism we are prisoners of, but unaware of the prison walls in which we are caught. Our tastes, desires, and imagination are all imprisoned, this is where the greatest danger lies.

My ideas may seem more utopian and larger than life, but one should never escape from individual responsibility. Every person has a special vital role to play in this world.

Everyone is accountable for their personal, individual deeds. No one can share the burden of other souls. It is our sincere deeds which will go with us. Everyone comes alone and goes alone.

We can develop ourselves only when we develop our concerned societies and humanity as a whole. Humanity will develop only on the basement and foundation of universal permanent values. Let the noble thoughts come from every side.

In the end, I request you: don’t colorise or dress my words in any colour or dress, except a purely responsible human concern for humanity.

I am in universe in such a way that I made myself the universe, I live in a space but I am spaceless.

With regards and respect,

Mohammad Afzal Guru,
High Security Ward, C Jail number 1, Tihar.”

(from a 2008 letter to his lawyer Nandita Haksar. Afzal Guru was hanged by the Indian State on 9 February 2013).

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