I live in hope, I am a Kashmiri

By Malik Aabid


I live with hope.
I hope one day our land will be free
Free from the foreign rule
be it Indian or Pakistani or anyone else for that matter.
I hope one day my people will live a life
independent of being someone’s integral part or jugular vein.

kashmir postcardI hope one day there will be no Mudasir Kamran
tortured-mudered outside his homeland.
I hope a day will come there will be no more curfew
no more gang rapes,
no more muders,
no more tortures,
no more abuses.

I hope one day I will see smile on the faces of my oppressed people.
I hope one day we will be recognized as a country called Kashmir
Kashmir that oppresses no one
Kashmir that occupies no one
Kashmir that tortures no one
Kashmir that humiliates no one.

I live for that one day with hope.
inshaa allah:)

(Malik Aabid is a young person from Kashmir wanting to be a lawyer, a writer, a free Kashmiri, and most importantly a good human being.)





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