Indian Citizens’ Appeal on Palestine: Stop Brutal Violence, End Occupation!

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The true Gaza back-story that the Israelis aren’t telling this week: ROBERT FISK

Indian Citizens’ Appeal on Palestine: Stop Brutal Violence End Occupation!

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We strongly condemn the latest brazen Israeli assault on Gaza, another instant in the history of the Zionist state which has been marred with heinous war crimes. Already grossly in breach of all international law in its unending occupation of Palestinian lands, Israel has chosen yet again to underline the impunity it enjoys by indiscriminately targeting civilians in the Gaza strip.

Israel has not given any evidence to the international community or UN implicating Hamas in the crime they are alleged to have committed – the kidnapping and murder of three teenage Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank. Hamas has vociferously and repeatedly denied any role. Since the fiction of Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza strip many years back, it has successfully transformed this densely settled tract of land into the world’s largest open prison. And as the current assault gathers force, a humanitarian crisis is brewing among the already deeply oppressed people of the Gaza.

The Palestinian question is one of the longest running and most profound challenges to basic democracy, justice and decency in the international system. Although the Palestinian people have enjoyed the widest possible support for their undying quest for freedom and dignity, including repeated calls inside the UN, the United States and the hegemonic western countries have continued to support Israel’s brazen territorial expansionism.

India has been an active supporter of the Palestinian people since the days of its own national struggle. The leadership of the post-Independent India also stood strongly against the violent designs of Israel, backed by the US. It is in the recent decades of a rapid shift to the right that India has begun diluting its earlier unequivocal support for justice and freedom for Palestine.

We strongly demand that the ongoing brutality be stopped immediately and international oversight and relief structures be established at the earliest for the people under the jackboot of the Israeli occupation. We also demand that the Government of India should condemn Israel’s brazen violation of human rights in no uncertain terms. The Indian state’s coziness with Israel, which has become the largest supplier of lethal weapons to India is also a major concern for us.

Sukumar Muralidharan, Senior Journonalist
Manisha Sethi, Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association
Mansi Sharma, Activist, New Delhi
Anil Chaudhary, Indian Social Action Forum
Madhuresh Kumar, National Alliance of People’s Movements(NAPM)
Navaid Hamid, Secretary South Asian Council for Minorities (SACM)
Kumar Sundaram, Researcher, New Delhi
Joe Athialy, New Delhi
Afsar Jafri, New Delhi
Seema Mustafa, Senior Journalist

Indian appeal on Palestine

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