Please SIGN and CIRCULATE: Indian People’s Appeal Against War on Syria


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The Appeal

We, the people of India, condemn the United States government and its allies who are manoeuvring the global opinion to indulge in war against Syria. Eminent international experts like Hans Blix have warned against attack on Syria on un-substantiated claims of use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.

We oppose the use of any kind of weapons of mass destruction by any state or non-state actor. The world needs to ensure universalization of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the dismantlement of the existing Chemical Weapons stockpiles everywhere. Similarly, we should urgently move towards a universal and comprehensive nuclear disarmament. We urge that negotiations for a zone free of weapons of mass destructions may initiated in the Middle-East at the earliest.

However, claims of possession of such weapons should not become a justification for illegal, immoral and selective attack on countries and regimes that do not fit into US hegemonic designs for various reasons. We are reminded of the farcical claims regarding WMDs and hiding terrorists by the Bush administration which initiated attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Syria is facing a bloody civil war today in which both the parties have indulged in abhorring violation of human and civil rights. The international community could better use its leverage to bring the two parties on negotiating table and help put an end to the bloodbath.

We also demand that the Government of India must take a principled stand pressing for a political dialogue and must never become part of the US adventurism directly or indirectly.


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