After involving police and govt, now JNU Admin asks protesters not to invite ‘outsiders’ for solidarity!

Sucheta De

JNU circularMr. Pramod Kumar, JNU Registrar we have never been trained to obey right wing dictates. That’s not what we used to do when we had JNU ID cards and that is not what we do today, when we fight outside JNU. Our comrades in JNU will not accept your diktat as well.

All of us have seen how ABVP goons who are not JNU students led by DUSU President Satender Awana have been coming to ad block and abusing our comrades. Satender Awana is the one who threatened in a public gathering at Jantar Mantar that his followers will enter JNU and shoot our comrades. It was not merely a threat, our comrades have have faced physical violence by right wing lumpens time and again. Yet he and his followers come every day right beneath your office. You may be spineless enough to let him enter and issue notice for us. But we shall not accept your order Mr. Registrar.

Join relay hunger strike by JNU Alumni from 10am at freedom square and Citizens Human Chain from Ganga Dhaba at 5pm on 7th May, the 10th Day of Indefinite Hunger Strike.


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