Is Defending Human Rights a Crime?

By Hozefa Merchant,

Anti-nuclear activist, Dr. Udaykumar was on his way to Kathmandu, Nepal, for a meeting organised by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, when he was stopped at the Delhi Airport by the Immigration authorities.

The immigration authority said that Dr. Udaykumar had many pending cases against him and that is why he was stopped.

S P UdayKumar

The Supreme Court had directed the State Government to withdraw false charges filed against Dr. Udaykumar and others during the anti-nuclear protest against Kudankulam Nuclear Plant.

Despite the Supreme Court verdict, false charges against Dr. Udaykumar and others have not been withdrawn. And as a result, Dr. Udaykumar was not allowed to travel to Kathmandu for a United Nation’s meeting on human right defenders. He missed his flight to Kathmandu and after about five and a half hour of hostility, he was finally allowed to leave the airport.

Isn’t this a human rights violation in itself?

Courtesy: Greenpeace India


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