Jaitapur remembers martyred activist, intensifies struggle against Modi’s nuclear obsession

Monday, 18 th April 2016.

The challenges before the Jaitapur movement have intensified as the Modi government has given a further push to the agreement with France, overlooking the crucial safety questions which the French regulator itself raised. Janhakka Seva Samiti, the villagers of Sakhari Nate and the entire Jaitapur anti nuclear movement solemnly observed the Martyr’s day at Shahid Tabrez Sayekar Chowk in fishing village Sakhari Nate near Jaitapur in remembrance of the highest sacrifice done by Shahid Tabrez Sayekar five years ago for the supreme cause of opposing Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project. Tabrez Sayekar was killed in indiscriminate firing by police in a peaceful protest against the proposed nuclear power plant. The day also marked the formal unveiling of the campaign by way of photo exhibition that will go from place to place to highlight the anti nuclear cause and the movement. Speakers on the day were…

Satyajit Chavan

Dr.Mangesh Savant

Mangesh Chavan

MLA Rajan Salavi

Amjad Borkar

Mansur Solakar

Arun Velaskar

Rajendra Phatarpekar


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