JNU Crackdown: India’s northeast boils over it



Suddhabrata Deb Roy, is a student activist and a writer. He is a regular blogger on different platforms and a leftist, who voices his protest against the unjust social systems and customs.

The entire colossus of left and democratic forces in the Northeast are standing in solidarity with the students of JNU, who have been subjected to state sponsored violence by the RSS and its political wing ,BJP.

Student activists from the Students’ Federation of India, Jorhat, brought out a protest rally in solidarity with the students of JNU. The rally saw a huge upsurge of students who sang the songs of freedom and rallied against the killing of Rohith Vemula and the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, slogans like “Kitne Rohith Maroge, Ghar Ghar se Rohith Niklenge” and “Go back Communal ABVP”, rocked the streets of the heart of upper Assam that day. And, the moment the pictures were uploaded were various social networking websites, a string of comments started flowing up from the RSS and ABVP supporters like ‘you are anti nationals’, ‘you want to divide India’ and ‘ABVP with mother India’ and the like. Now, this is a point to consider, it seems as if the RSS have taken an age old proverb very seriously, ‘if you tell a lie with conviction very seriously for a thousand times, the lie inevitably gets accepted as the truth’. The rallying group of brave students from various educational institutions, shouted slogans of democracy and protested against the state crusade against the infringement of the Right to Dissent and Freedom of Speech.

But at the same time, another grave incident had taken place in another far corner to the south of the Northeast, in Silchar, Assam, where a mob of ABVP, led by their self proclaimed ‘nationalist’ leaders burnt down the flag of SFI, a national level left students’ organisation, in Assam University, a central University in the heart of Silchar, a far flung town in Assam, which carries a rich heritage of left and democratic movements. Since the last few years, the Central University has been converted into a safe passage for the ABVP and the RSS following the saffron influence of the university’s registrar and other high ranking officials. When the SFI, yesterday, brought out a protest rally inside the campus standing in solidarity with JNU and against the curtailment of democratic rights inside the campus, the goons from ABVP, named in the FIR lodged by them as Manoj Das, attacked the rallying students, and tried to inflict serious injury to the activists. One activist was hit on the stomach while two more were seriously injured by the goons. Following the attack on the SFI, some activists from the AISA, immediately arrived on the scene and extended their support to the SFI activists against the ABVP goons.

The memory of the Patiala House Court is still afresh in the memory of the nation, and another event like this propagated by the heinous forces of the right have left a majority of the citizens, who believe in the voice of democracy and dissent stunned by the extent to which these perpetrators of violence can go to prove their ‘hyper and pseudo nationalism’ in front of the general mass of people, who have extended their support to JNU. The violence, it seems, forms pattern, which portrays or rather tries to portray, anyone who is not in sync with the ruling party’s policies, as ‘antinational’ or ‘pro naxalite’. Following the grave incident in Silchar, all the democratic forces in the Northeast, have condemned the heinous act by the ABVP and the RSS, the democratic students of Assam University have decided to conduct an open meeting with all the left democratic forces, preaching solidarity with JNU and have decided to carry on discussions at length, to find a counter movement to the hooliganism of the saffron brigade.

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