JNU VC’s order to close Ganga Dhaba is sanghi attack on democratic public sphere: Rama Naga

Onslaughts to curb democracy and spaces of JNU continue
The new JNU administration has been proving itself as an agent, who is appointed to destroy the JNU in every manner. It has left no single instance to take the opportunity to implement all its “farmaans” to shrink the campus democracy. It has been using the 9th Feb incident as a pretext to justify all its decisions. After the incident, it did not invite the JNUSU to be part of many crucial decision making processes. It had made changes in many policies without asking the opinion of the JNUSU. JNUSU was not allowed to enter the convention centre during the admission. It started installing CCTV cameras in various places of the campus, which were not done before by any administration. The VC has asked every warden to install CCTVs in all hostel wings. The G4S security guards are given an upper hand in every case and allowed to dictate students community, empowered to do video recording of every public meeting, programs, protests and conversations. Public meetings in the hostel messes are restricted by the DoS by circulating a new farmaan asking ‘A to Z’ non sense informations. Many public meetings could not be held because of this ‘permission’ hurdles.

What do all of these prove? The new administration has the only task which is left, that is to finish the debate culture in JNU between new and old students, between teachers and students, between JNU and rest of the country. Many students issues are pending but it does not care about that. Students have no places to stay, they are roaming around the campus and Munirka. But unfortunately it is not a headache of our VC. Instead of resolving the students problems the VC wants the students and teachers to do protests throughout the years. Now, it has decided to shutdown the Ganga Dhaba for ever. The administration has sent a “final letter” to the owner of the Ganga Dhaba by saying that it will shut down the Dhaba tomorrow at 11 am. What is the problem if the Dhaba remains open for anyone to have something in the night? The real problem with the administration which it has showed many times is that all the dhabas will be closed down in the night. All students are supposed to have their dinners in their mess before 9 pm. No one should go out and sit at dhabas in the night. The priority of the administration is to ensure that no discussion should take place in JNU whether it is in the day or night.

The VC has decided to convert the JNU into a camp in which all its rules will be final. He was saying in the orientation program that, “he feels very happy when he sees any girl roaming around in the campus at late night. The campus is so secure. There is vibrant debates. And ‘some extent’ of dissent is also allowed.” Mr VC all of these are not done by you or your administration. These are done and preserved by the students and teachers of JNU in the past and at present. You try to finish JNU but we will fight to save JNU. You try to destroy JNU but we will ensure to make JNU stand all the time. All anti students, teachers or jnu moves by you or your administration, would be resisted by the JNU community. If you want the JNU community to keep involved in protests throughout the year, then we are happy to do so to oppose all such undemocratic moves.

I appeal everyone to be present at the Ganga Dhaba tomorrow (19th Aug) at 11 am to resist the decision to shut down the dhaba.
Rama Naga, Gen Sec, JNUSU

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