Just not your type of patriot

Vistasp Hodiwala

Vistasp Hodiwala is an advertising professional, writer, and infrequent fb ranter who is too depressed to read the news and too worried about the country to walk away from it all.

Never has one single episode exposed the nature of the insecure, paranoid and ‘world-view limited’ BJP supporter as badly as this one.

Every aspect, every single aspect of the JNU story, now stands either discredited, mangled beyond reason, or brazen with a capital B in its tireless magnitude.
From the chanting of anti-India or pro-Afzal Guru slogans by Kanhaiya or any student of JNU, to the Hafiz Saeed tweet that never was, to the sliced and diced videos shared by Sambit Patra and Zee TV, to the Commissioner lying about ‘minor scuffles’ referring to the hooliganism of the ABVP cadres which had a rampaging lawyer who had on many an occasion proudly posed with Home Minister Rajnath Singh, not a single aspect of the story has checked out.

But from respected editor-journalists like Bikram Vohra to Internet Bhakt sensations such as Shefali Vaidya (followed for her asinine inanities by close to 50,000 nutjobs), not one has decided to come clean on any of these aspects.

In expressing themselves, they have all gone through a gamut of emotions. From being sanctimonious to angry to irrational to lazy to duplicitous to sickeningly self-righteous, they have shown us the entire range of their dishonest avatars. The only two emotions that are conspicuously absent in them are shame and humility.

So there is no reason why we have to take any lessons of nationalism and patriotism from any of these worthies. It’s like trying to learn Quantum Physics from someone who has never heard about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

And I will be damned if I will be lectured upon by fools, bigots and traitors like you who are the very template of Fake In India.

Since terminologies carry much weight in our queer times, let me unequivocally state that I am a proud Indian, a nationalist and a patriot; but, just not your type.





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