In Kairana, the Media “Sold” My House to Prove There’s Exodus!

Amar Ujala Kairana
Story in Amar Ujala, a popular Hindi daily in UP, with photo of Gaurav Jain’s house in Kandhla

Our house is not for sale, media should not spread these lies: Jain family, Kandhala

Gaurav Jain
Gaurav Jain

The picture on the right is of Gaurav Jain, a businessman. He was shocked to see his name in BJP MP Hukum Singh’s list. BJP had been saying that Gaurav has escaped Kandhla due to communal tensions. Moreover, the media has even circulated an image of his house up for sale. Gaurav has registered a complaint with Sujeet Kumar, DM, Shamli. He has also accused media of creating false conspiracy.

Respected DM Sir,

Good Morning. My name is Adv. Gaurav Jain and I am primarily a resident of Kandhla. In today’s newspapers a photo of my house situated in saravgyaan mohalla has been published in the context of the news of exodus from Kandhla. I want to bring to your knowledge that in Kandhla my family and I have never been harassed in anyway and we have not left that place in fear. Some narrow minded people are conspiring in the creation of these incidences to spoil the atmosphere of the mohalla. These people have used black ink to write this house is for sale and conspired with local journalists to publish the photo. I request you to find these miscreants and carry necessary legal proceedings against them in public interest.
Thank you


According to Gaurav, the law and order is a big problem in Kandhla. Everyone is distressed by it be it Hindu or Muslim. Everyone falls prey to the criminals but giving it a religious tone has made property encroachers alert. They feel that if an atmosphere of fear is created, people will sell their property at low rates and leave, which will profit them a lot.

Gaurav accuses that media is also involved with the property gang. If the property is sold at a lower rate, a part of the profit goes to the media publication as well. The news about his house was published by Amar Ujala on 15th June. He said that now the photo of his house is being shown on news channels as well. If someone would similarly declare the buildings of these media houses for sale, how will they feel?

Gaurav Jain is a resident of Sarvgyan mohalla of Kandhla. Till 2010, he studied while living in Kandhla and then moved to Ghaziabad due to his business. Gaurav said that this area in the western UP has always been known for Hindu-Muslim unity. The walls of Jama Masjid and Lakshmi Narayan Temple are attached to each other. People from all over western UP take part the Ramleela festival celebrated for communal harmony here, but now gatherings of politicians can be seen.
Till the time Gaurav was in Kandhla he himself used to organize programs to promote communal harmony. He also said that he has been targeted on purpose. The conspirers want to convey that if the propagators of Hindu-Muslim unity are not being spared, why will the others be?

Shamli DM Sujeet Kumar has also confirmed Gaurav’s complaint while talking to Media Vigil. He said that Kandhla station officer Saheb Singh is investigating the matter. The list circulated by Hukum Singh is also being investigated. The people named in the list are being found at the site itself. Till now there has been no instance of people leaving due to the fear of Muslims.

Courtesy: Media Vigil
Report by Shahnwaz Malik for Media Vigil. Translated by Prerna Gupta.

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