Make in India and other eye-washes of Modi’s Growth Story.

Rajat (name changed)

All the people are blindly supporting the government as if it were a Rajanikant and not an elected representative whose job is to work for the people and so the people should also be ready to criticize when things go wrong. The government is not your favourite actor or favourite football team which you support even if they are doing bad and you also know they are bad but still you argue and support them, but if you do the same with a government you are harming yourself and everybody else in the long run.

Why are people doing this? Do they just want to defend their choice of voting for the government? Or is it because they don’t want to know and they are being shown what they will easily accept. They read just the headlines and good PR and skip facts and figures. Here are a few facts about the Growth Story of India.

Of Course I love India and I want India to be the best country in the world! So, it is important we know the real picture of our country and not “Projected” facts while doing exactly the opposite because in the long run we will realize we have all been living a lie and in fact we are worse-off now than before!

About the Hotel Industry First:

Just look at this news: It tells us that in 2017 all will be good.


Article from Moneycontrol

But it doesn’t mention that the industry has not done well in the last year in the headlines. Inside the story it states the actual numbers so plainly and not explicitly as if the promise of better 2017 is a bigger news than factual data of not doing well.


The article itself states the low performance last year and mentions that 2017 will be good. But how? By Magic?

The claims of better 2017 seem just a statement because there hasn’t been much support in reality to the sector:


Now many of you would say the global economy is in a turmoil why blame the government?

It is not true.


FoxBusiness article states that Tourism sector in other countries and even South Asia has been growing at a good pace.

Coming to the Core Sector: Coal, Crude oil, Natural gas, Refinery products, fertilisers, steel, cement and electricity — together have a 38% weightage in the index of industrial production (IIP) and so the most important measure of growth:

modinomics5Article in ET

Once again you will read this headline and think wow India is doing really good. 15 Month High!

But anybody who reads the full thing realizes that in average India has been doing bad! This 15 month high was just one blip!


“After 3 months of negative growth” suddenly if the growth becomes 5.7% is it good? Isn’t it obvious that the industry will fight back and any change from so much negative will be a big positive?

If you beg to differ than I am afraid there is something wrong with your mathematics.

“The Overall growth in April-Feb 2016 was 2.3%”

2.3% is the real picture!

modinomics7Article in

Now look at this report from CRISIL. It clearly states “WARNING BELLS!”

The sector is ridden with debts and it is ALL TIME HIGH! Yes it is not just India but many countries facing problem in steel and metals but why is the government giving a rosy picture of GDP? When major sectors like this are suffering how has the GDP calculation crossed 7% is debatable in itself.

Now lets talk about “Make in India” . If things are so good the exports should rise? To the contrary the export growth has declined!



Is “Make in India” really bad? No it has been doing some good work also but my only problem is why is everybody bloating facts and figures? It is not right to spread false growth data, we have elected a government to give real results and not for good PR news.

What happened to all the news about make in India and the metro coaches being exported to Australia? Isn’t that great?

Yes it is great but the only bad news is that it has been there since UPA times also! The German Company Bombardier has a factory in Vadodara and it is not at all “Make in India” It is a German company who have taken land, labor of India because it is cheap and the money goes to Germany and not India! Little bit good for the economy but not as big as it was made out to be!

This is equal to you going to England and set up a very successful samosa shop and then the British government says see it is because of me this guy is running such a successful shop, if it was some other government it would not have been possible. Illogical isn’t it?

So why was it such a big news recently? Ask yourself.

Coming to Job Creation! I will not even go into the claims before election of Crores of Jobs, I expect the government to just please keep creating as many jobs as the last government was creating… But no…

It is not even close to crores it is actually doing worse than last many years!


Article in QUARTZ India

So you have been saying the world economy is doing bad that is the reason India could also do bad. Just remember India easily survived the last Financial Meltdown in the World. If India was not hurt in a global meltdown why is it fairing bad when the global scenario is not even that bad!

But if the logic of World Bad so India Bad is what you like then please tell me why are the petrol and diesel prices rising in India? The government has increased the prices 4th time in a quarter! Yes OMG 4th time in a Quarter when the global prices of crude are falling lower and lower and are lower than ever before in recent times!

I still remember the election campaign of the present government where every second post was about how Manmohan government was looting India by unfair petrol pricing. Examples of Sri Lanka and Pakistan were shown how they get cheap petrol and we don’t. How easily you forget all these jumlas? Why isn’t the government setting it right now and offering petrol at 30 Rs/ltr?


Times of India Article

There are so much more indicators that it is only about good PR! No real results!

I agree the previous governments also did a lot of bad things and so the junta took action and voted them out! But this time it is looking dangerous because we have a turned a blind eye to the failings of the system and falling to PR news and the goody goody imagery.

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