Miracles of Development or Just PR: Some Facts and Figures on Modi’s Gujarat

Myth and Reality of development in Gujarat

Economic Front:

•Between 2000 and 2010, Gujarat posted a 10.5 per cent growth rate, but this was just marginally ahead of Maharashtra (10%), with Haryana (9.2%) and Tamil Nadu (8.5%).

•Between 1990-2000 Gujarat has reported almost similar (8.3%) growth under different chief ministers.

narendra modi fraud•And, if you take just the last five years of Modi’s rule, Planning Commission figures show Maharashtra outstripping Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu keeping pace with it.

•A highly urbanized Gujarat is also home to India’s largest business and trading community, which has always been enterprising and industrious, even before Modi became chief minister.

• The industries that have flourished the most in Gujarat are all highly hazardous: poisonous chemicals!
• In the past year, over 60,000 small and medium enterprises have shut down.
• Per capita income in the state is half of its urban income
• Gujarat has higher per capita debt than UP or Bihar
• Gujarat has India’s highest number of pollution hot spots with groundwater contaminated in 74 out of its 184 tehsils

Social Development Front:

These paint a very paradoxical picture of Modi’s reign and development model, where high growth has apparently only benefitted select segments of the population, thereby questioning growth’s implicit ‘trickle down’ effect.

•Child mortality rate is one of the worst. Moreover it is significantly higher among girls than boys

•Malnutrition is severe among children (47%) and women higher than the all-India average

• 80% of children below 4 years and 60% of pregnant women are anemic
• 45% of urban children, 60% of rural children are not immunized
• In rural areas 60% of child deliveries not in institutional conditions
• Rural poverty in Gujarat declined only by 2.8% as against the national average of 8.5%
• Poverty in Tribal areas Increased
• Women: sex ratio declining (Gujarat has joined the states of Haryana and Punjab)

Human Development Index has placed Gujarat as 18th in its rankings.

• 489 farmers committed suicides between 2003 & 2007
• In Global Hunger index, Gujarat is very much below ‘Haiti’ (bottom 5 in India)
• In Gujarat, labour rights are virtually nonexistent!
•Slipped in education and health to 8th and 10th positions respectively
• In social sector spending as a proportion of public expenditure, Gujarat ranks a lowly 19 among India’s 21 major states
• 5 million livelihoods have been lost in Gujarat owing to development projects a very high 10% of the population

Whenever the question of minorities comes up in Gujarat, the issue is diverted towards vibrant economic growth. Gujarat after the Godhra communal riots which witnessed one of the biggest human massacres in India. Some cruel facts:

• 1,180 people were murdered (as per official reports) 2,548 injured, 919 women widowed, 606 children orphaned, Nearly 1,50,000 people were forced into relief camps, 270 mosques and dargahs were razed 100s of houses were burnt down

Corporates, Bureaucrats, Media are all covering these realities and propping up some illusions.
• Government provides them Business friendly atmosphere
• Government ensures No worker demand their rights
• The Corporate reaps huge PROFITS

BJP is a Fascist party like the German Nazi party and Modi is the dictator like Hitler. We cannot compromise India’s social harmony with false growth. Modi would be worst option for the post of PM




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