Modi drums, while Kashmir burns: this new track by Digital Suicide is a must-watch

All the way from Haflong, North Cachar Hills.

Barack Obama cut short his visit to Europe, and made a fairly tough statement, because of the killings of black people in the US by police. Narendra Modi is continuing to beat his own drum in Africa while 25 people, including a girl and a boy scarcely older than twelve are killed in Kashmir in firing by the army, paramilitaries and the police in just over two days.

This just goes to show that even the president of the US has to be a little more mindful of his image as compared to the prime minister of the ‘largest democracy in the world’.

And all this happens because the idiots of the media and the political classes, especially in naiive western capitals, continue to think of Modi as some cuddly teddy bear instead of the mass murderer he is, and of India as a land of smiling, farting vegetarians who do yoga, bollywood dancing, and nod their heads in transverse circles.

Courtesy: Shuddhabrata Sengupta

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